10 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out And Make Your Mark Online

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02 January 2013,

Web Design

10 Ways To Make Your Website Stand Out And Make Your Mark Online

Getting the attention of your visitors is difficult. Compelling content is a must, but content is not king the way most would have you think. Compelling content matters very little if the design of a site is poor to the point that nobody bothers to stay and read it.

To make your mark online your design must be spot on. Here are ten ways to do this.

1) Simplify your layout. Many website owners want to put as much as they can on a page in order to give users more options to click and interact. The opposite is often true. Simplicity is the backbone of successful, high converting web design.

2) Give your website video. Traffic to video sites is growing at a rapid rate. Sites that use videos are likely to have lower bounce rates and visitor engagement while also providing another form of media to communicate with their audience.

3) Use subtle font and background colors. This may be niche specific, but sites with a light background and fairly light colored font may convey a message of calm and ease.

4) Clean up your site's typography. Many website owners want a fancy typeface and odd spacing in an effort to stand out. This is difficult to read and goes back to the point of simplicity. Clean up the typography to watch engagement and profits rise.

5) Make one color for one action. Sites with a lot of color become overwhelming in a hurry. A simple site with one color for a font, one color for a link, and perhaps one more color as a separator of important elements helps to guide visitors' actions.

6) Shadow boxes are a great way to show larger versions of a picture without users having to zoom in on their screen or open the image in a new tab.

7) Use block headers. A block header may be a large, but still appealing, text block that grabs a visitor's attention without overwhelming them. This is one of the only times that lots of color and a fancy font are likely to be effective.

8) Pictures are a great way to make a design stand out when they are used right. Placing them in the right location may take some testing, but if your site analytics show a shift in bounce rate and page views after making image additions and adjustments, your design is probably working well.

9) For those who need help, check our web Design section in our blog or follow our web design proccess to find out how a website should be done from the start until the end.

10) Making proper use of image sliders is a great idea in some markets. Markets with a heavy need for images will do well to use image sliders to draw in users and make their design stand out.

Wrap Up

You may have noticed that most of these tips are aimed at reducing bounce rates, encouraging engagement and simplifying the experience of both designers and users alike. If a user has a simple but still visually appealing experience on a site, they are more likely to convert to a subscriber or to purchase a product or service.