4 Ways Attorneys Can Make The Most Of Social Media

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30 September 2013,

Social Media

4 Ways Attorneys Can Make The Most Of Social Media

When it comes to social media, lawyers are the last few to jump on the bandwagon- why? Because it can be difficult for lawyers to manage their personal and professional lives online- they need to remain professional at all time. If a client stumbles across your personal twitter, as opposed to a twitter account focused solely on your attorney work, there’s a chance they’ll see your “unprofessional” side, and take their business elsewhere. Keeping that in mind, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn has never been easier for lawyers, as long the pages a business, not personal. Engagement with social media has become essential for lawyers to get to know their clients, their market and their competition.


Facebook pages are essential to communicating today- people use personal Facebook messages as opposed to emailing. And, Facebook is becoming a huge platform for marketing businesses. The best way for attorneys to take advantage of this is by creating a business page for their practice. Having a personal page is acceptable, but keep all business on your separate page. This provides a platform to communicate with potential clients, keep in contact with old clients and advertise your services. Facebook is an easy place for lawyers to separate personal and professional contacts. Maybe one of the best examples on how to use Facebook page for law firms is Rotsides & Co Facebook page. They post weekly useful articles and tips regarding civil rights and laws for people and business.


Twitter gives lawyers the chance to see what their competition is up to. By creating “lists” of people they follow, lawyers can separate their clients, potential clients, industry connections, competition and other relevant tweeters. It also give them a chance to communicate with people they otherwise wouldn’t- such as businesses or private citizens. For example, a lawyer that works in the entertainment industry would likely follow many recording companies and other big names in the industry to keep up with what’s happening and relevant businesses. Having a Twitter is also a convenient space to put out blog posts and update to your law firm’s web site.


Google+ has become a main social media player with its addition of Google+ Local, a tool that allows businesses to create pages for their business and be located via Google, as well as receive reviews easily from clients. Any law firm or private practice should claim a Google+ Local page as well as have a Google+ page. Google+ is only getting bigger, and having such a simple platform to receive reviews on is priceless.


LinkedIn is a different animal than the rest of social media. LinkedIn provides a space for lawyers to create a personal, yet professional profile, showing off their education, accolades, and other prominent business achievements. When looking to move into a different firm or specialty, LinkedIn is a goldmine- it’s a great way for attorneys to have connections and find job openings. When potential clients are researching potential lawyers, your LinkedIn page is bound to come up, and it’s a good place to list all your special skills and qualifications.

As law firms and individual attorneys make their way into online marketing, social media’s role gets bigger. Taking advantage of the different communities social media provides can help lawyers establish connections they wouldn’t otherwise make.