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5 things to do in Facebook before Shopping Online

5 things to do in Facebook before Shopping Online


31 January 2012
3 min read

We all felt undecided and sometimes worried before pressing the “Check Out” button in an online shop. We also disappointed at least once when we bought a product online and it never arrived or it arrived different from what we expected.

Fortunately today we have the tools to check whether what we are buying is what we actually need and believe it is. Sometimes is not as easy as buying from a local store where we can touch, use and feel the product.

We also want to be sure that the specific product, shop or brand is reliable and trustful in any way. I’m sure most of you already are familiar with techniques to solve this problem, but I will give a few more by only using Social Media sites like Facebook.

1. Ask your Friends

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What we usually do in real life before purchasing a product is to ask our friends about it. It’s very common to ask information for products before buying them. People who are already using our product will give very useful tips about it. This can be also happen very easy in Facebook, by creating a post. In few hours maybe minutes you will have enough responses from your friends that will help you decide whether to proceed with your purchase or not.


2. Find the Brand's Page

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You can find the brand of your product on Facebook by getting on its official page. There, you can find more information about the brand and what people think about it. A brand with a lot of likes and good comments has in most cases good reputation and is trusted by consumers. Of course the information you will see in a Facebook page might not be 100% accurate but you can get the idea.


3. Find people who like your product

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You can visit various official or unofficial fan pages of the product you are looking for and find what people think about it. You can fairly easy find out how popular a product is before buying it, by checking how many people like it in Facebook. You can also check what people say for your product in the comments section. Either is bad or good it can help you decide whether this product is for you or not.


4. Find the Online Shop

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While you may be sure about the Product and the Brand, you will need to be sure about the shop you are buying also. Trusted and high reputable online stores tend to have active communities in Facebook and good relationships with their customers. You can search inside the store page to find comments from both store owners and the buyers in order to create your opinion for the store.

Usually stores with good reputation try to help their customers in personal level and they do it publicly in order to gain the respect from the others. On the other hand you might also see unsatisfied customers making complains; in that case you would like to know what will be the store’s owner reaction. You can find out all the above information if you spend a few minutes in the store’s Facebook page.


5. Find previous posts and mentions of the product

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Facebook has a feature in Search that enables you to search keywords that where discussed on previous posts. By searching your product or brand in “Posts by Friends” you will find out if a friend of yours has asked or discussed anything relevant to your question in pass. By doing this you will find useful information for what you are looking for and you can also comment or ask something on the post of your friend.

Facebook and Social Media affect a lot our Online Shopping trends and experience. You should always perform good research before buying something online and be careful with your resources. A lot of information in Web and Social media is still junk and unreliable, so cross your information with friends and other resources before making a decision with purchase.

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