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6 Tips for a successful Online Store Cyprus

6 Tips for a successful Online Store Cyprus


21 February 2011
3 min read

Things have never been easier for you to run an Online Shop in Cyprus. The Internet has now given us the opportunities to establish an online business, with the minimum operating costs and sell easily our products online.

But even if is relative easy and inexpensive to run an Online Store, you will always step against the biggest challenge. How to make it successful?

The only part where internet market fails against the traditional retail market is that your shop online store it doesn't exist if you don't promote. Opening an Online Store is like opening a store at the top hill of a mountain. None can see you, none can reach you.

So what do you do?


1. Competitor analysis

This is the first thing you have to do before opening any business. You have to understand why your competitors are successful. Get deep inside their business and find out what are the factors that made their online business successful. Don’t try to copy them because most possibly you will fail. But try learning from them and find out what makes their online shops successful.


2. Don’t go for the mass

Do try sell to everyone, you will be eaten by the sharks. Find a specific target audience and focus your sales only to them. Remember a very specific product can be sold only to a dozens of customer in your local supermarket but it can be sold to thousands, online.


3. Website Design

Your website needs to look professional, user friendly and nice. People will have to trust you from the first look, remember you will have to convince them to put their private details in order to buy. You have to build your loyalty with them. Follow the Web standards or hire a professional to do it for you. Your customers must feel comfortable to buy from you. A small design detail can be a reason that you will lose potential customers.


4. Search Engine Optimization

So you have a good looking, easy to use and professional website. Now how to find customers? Search Engine Optimization is not the easiest thing to do and it takes time. Fortunately there are many companies out there that offer quality SEO services. What you need to know about it is that it takes time, but yes you will have fantastic results if it’s successful. We will analyze SEO in another topic in more detail


5. Online marketing

You are selling online, so where are your potential customers? Online of course. Forget about the traditional marketing methods. Online marketing and especially Google adwords will blow your mind with the way they work. It is an outstanding advertising system that will definitely give you the maximum return of investment and high conversion rates, that you will be amazed. But again you will have to focus on your niche market and target wisely in order to get the best results. You can also consider advertising in Facebook and other social networks or establishing an affiliate system.


6. Stay live and updated

Your website needs be renewed like a traditional shop, and look natural. Don’t let your shop be abandon and look like “Nobody is home”. This will cost you losing most of your customers. You need to be aware that an ecommerce is an ongoing business. You need to update it often.  Create new products, new offers and est. You need to create a relation with your customers and give the motivations to visit you again and again to check your store. Creating a newsletter is also a great idea. In case you look for a company to help you with your contracting and corporate activities then have a look on Chesterfield Group

The last thing you need to be aware of is that an ecommerce takes time be established and you have to be patient. Not so from technical aspect but from business point of view. It will take time to get loyalty, be trusted and gain value.

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