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7 Social Media Apps

7 Social Media Apps


11 February 2012
3 min read

There are now hundreds of social media apps available for the desktop, Android and iPhones. Some, however, stand out for their innovative approach or their ability to combine many popular media sites in an easy to use way. Here are some of the best apps available today to help you stay connected with friends, family and colleagues.

Beluga, the Facebook Messenger App

While you may not be familiar with Beluga, it has been one of the most downloaded apps on both the Android Market and the Apple app store. Beluga allows you to create private pods of conversation, helping you to coordinate your plans and chat with friends. You can also use this app to send and receive instant messages from users, including location information, photos and more. There are no text messaging fee with this service, either, making it a great way to avoid high cell phone bills.


Ping.Fm, a Management Tool

This app is a great way to track all of your social media accounts on various websites. You can connect all of your accounts together in one spot with Ping.Fm, where you can even post updates to all accounts at the same time. You can use this easy app to update your status, send out tweets and more.


Pay with a Tweet, for Businesses & Entrepreneurs

This innovative app lets you offer content, like an e-book, to other Twitter users if they pay with a tweet. By tweeting about your product or business, the user will gain access to the content you're offering. This app is a fun and easy way to attract new customers to your business or share your work with others.


Klout, a Social Media Dashboard

Do you know your Klout? This great dashboard analyzes your overall influence online and gives you a number score. You can use Klout to see your topics, rank, posts and how your score changes through statistics. Klout measures your activity on Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other places to give you your score. You only enter accounts you want to monitor. This app is great for fun, but it can also be an effective tool for freelancers., Social Media & Music Combined is another innovative and fun to use app that was released in 2011. allows you to listen to your favorite music while chatting with your friends. You can view what your friends and other users are listening to, or tweet to others what you're playing. You can even invite people on Twitter and Facebook to join you in your music choices.


Instagram, a Photo Sharing App

Instagram has a huge community of artists and even managed to add a new user every second for a while. Instagram now has 15 million accounts on the iOS operating system alone. This app allows you to take pictures of anything you like with your iPhone and then add one of hundreds of filters to change its appearance. Other users can then comment or like your photos. This simple idea has grown into a huge community of people finding a way to create and appreciate art.


Bambuser, an App for Aspiring Journalists

This app allows you to share video from your phone or webcam with others, live. It has quickly become popular with citizen journalists as well as activists. Bambuser has over 1 million users in 190 different countries and some feel it is an even more reliable source of news than traditional outlets. It makes it easy for anyone to get involved with what they see around them and share it with the public.

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