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Does your Logo Lack Luster?

Does your Logo Lack Luster?


21 December 2011
3 min read

Every great business needs a great logo. Some are simple icons that identify what a company is, what it does, or what it is compared to. Others are highly detailed images that are full of color, clever imagery and unique features. These are logos that catch the eye and bring the people in. Now think about your logo, the small iconic identity of your company or website, does it say what you want it to say? Does it lack the luster you are wanting from it? Here are a few considerations for determining if it is time to redesign your logo.


Images are meant to spark feeling, feeling then sparks actions. If your logo is sparking a feeling of boredom, which sparks the feeling of disregard, then perhaps your logo needs a new look. Your logo should not only appeal to your audience, it should inspire your audience to act in a way that you predetermine. Take a look at your logo and see what the message is.


Many companies change directions several times before finding an image that works for them. If your company or website has changed from the initial path, did your logo change with it? Having a logo that is now irrelevant to your site or business is like having a third hand that can’t move, sure it’s there, but why is it there? Make sure to include your logo in your redesign plans and keep it relevant.


Logos don’t have a shelf life, but if they did the expiration date would read “Now”. If your logo was created from a concept that was outdated in the beginning, it may be time to release the old and renew your logo. Business is as adaptive as the customers are. Be sure your logo adapts as well. As technology changes, digital art also changes. New methods, themes, and processes allow for cleaner, crisper images that pop. Your logo should be redone as logo technology changes


There are very few companies that find success in black and white logos. There is a reason for this, they aren’t appealing. Your logo should be an extension of your company or website. Choose a logo that is colorful, fun, and inspiring. Use your logo to create an excitement in your audience.

Other uses for colors are the subconscious feelings they inspire and the conversion rates that increase because of it. Psychologists have found links between certain colors and the actions it causes within viewers. Red inspires hunger and creates a feeding frenzy. This would be a great color for your logo if you own a restaurant or a site about recipes. Blue often instills calm and trust, a great choice for those who are offering advice or guidance. Choose a color that instills the feelings you want inside your audience.


You can have too much of a good thing, and when your logo is concerned that is often true. You want a logo that will be easy to recognize and even draw. Your logo may be placed on giant billboards or small promotional merchandise such as flash drives or cards. If your logo has too much detail it will be lost on the smaller items. Choose a logo that is unique, but simple and recognizable.

Your logo is your digital face. If it is lacking the effect you dreamt of when creating it, then perhaps it is time to redesign. Choose a logo that fits your business or website, matches your current color scheme, and gives you the sense of identity. If you already have a logo, take a look at your logo and let it speak to you. Does it say what you like to hear?

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