Great Tips for Facebook Marketing

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21 June 2011,

Digital Marketing

Major global brands are increasingly using Facebook for interacting with and engaging their customers. Facebook offers a great way of communicating which goes beyond email and traditional media.

Why use Facebook?

  • Facebook pages are intimate and effective direct marketing channels.
  • It is instant and current
  • It is a research tool which gives instant results
  • It enables the building of long term relationships between brands and consumers.
  • It is a highly leveraged channel which distributes your message and brand through updates and news feeds.    


Getting Started

Understand your target market

It is important to have a thorough understanding of your target customer. What magazines do they read? What music do they listen to? What movies do they watch? Where do they hang out? Which celebrities do they idolize? This was an important consideration when I started marketing my ediet discounts and weight watchers coupons through Facebook.

Use the right tone

You will need to present your brand in the right way so as to win the trust of your target market. Act like them and talk like them in content and communication.

Test your content

Carry out a research to find out which of your content elicits responses from the target users. Any content that does not engage should be removed.

Invest for the long term

Always remember that it will take much time and persistence to develop an effective Facebook page, as well as build relationships.


There are four main kinds of updates:
i.    Conversation – This is designed to initiate conversation with your fans by asking pertinent questions which encourage a succinct response from fans.   
ii.    Pictures – Upload images that would be of interest to customers or prospects.
iii.    Link – Updates are useful for directing clients away from Facebook to other websites, blogs, online stores or YouTube channels.
iv.    Product – Highlight a new product that has been released or is about to be released. You can also test new ideas and ask for feedback.