Hot Facebook Tips for Restaurant Owners in Cyprus

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12 July 2012,

Social Media

Hot Facebook Tips for Restaurant Owners in Cyprus

It might not be the first thing you think of when you are looking at how to promote your restaurant, but Facebook is an incredibly powerful tool that all restaurant owners should be maximising to it's full potential. Many of our fellow Cypriot restaurant owners have started using Facebook as a promotional tool, but still they are not making the most of it.

These days, having an Online Social Media presence is not enough. We all know that we need to spend a lot of effort and time with our Facebook page in order to win the trust and loyalty of our fans. We need to give them useful content and continuously engage with them.

Here are 5 top tips for getting the most out of your restaurants Facebook page, and for gaining exposure and bringing more customers to your restaurant as a result. Get it right, and you'll be developing a loyal following of many customers for life.

1. Connect with the People of your niche

How many other restaurants, chefs and foodies are there in Cyprus? The answer is – many! Use Facebook and other tools like SocialMentions to find and connect with the people who are involved in your industry, thereby creating a hub of people to invite to your page. These people have an active interest in your sector, they are more likely to share and promote the content you post to your Facebook page to their own networks and contacts.

2. Make the most of multimedia

Facebook offers almost limitless opportunity for you to communicate with your fans in a whole variety of ways. As well as producing great written content for your page, get into posting great photos, videos and audio for your page too. Hiring in a professional photographer to snap some of your signature dishes will be money well spent, but make the most of this resource by releasing just one photo a day into your feed and maximising the exposure each photo gets.

3. Become a resource for your customers and fans

Exercise your expertise in your subject and give your fans advice that they will love. For example, you could advise on which wines to combine with which dishes, or you could reveal some top chefs tips for making some of the dishes on your menu. Don't be afraid to reveal elements of your recipes to your fans; they aren't going to steal them, but they will come back to taste them.

4. Embrace negative feedback

If someone posts a negative point on your wall, leave it there but act upon it in a swift and professional manner. Respond to the client and offer them your best bells and whistles customer service in this very public forum, and you will only serve to go up in your customer's estimations. Deleting comments or ignoring them is a sure fire way to get yourself a bad reputation.

5. Encourage feedback of all shapes and sizes

Getting direct feedback from your customers is such a valuable tool, and nothing to be afraid of at all. Take their comments and use them to help your business grow, improve and evolve.

Bonus tip: Local SEO

Most Restaurants customers are local so you need to focus on local SEO like Google maps and other location based services. Make sure you have entered your restaurant in maps and other geographical based search providers in order to be found when potential customers are looking for you.