How Digital Marketing Can Help You Market Your Start Up Business

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17 September 2013,

Digital Marketing

How Digital Marketing Can Help You Market Your Start Up Business

Starting up any type of business in the current financial climate is of course very difficult  - currently one in three start-ups fail within the first three years of existence.

Not too long ago if you wanted to generate interest, customers and ultimately revenue through advertising and marketing, you only had a limited amount of (expensive) channels you were able to go through.

That has now all changed thanks to the digital revolution and the growth of the online marketplace, and now there are plenty ways that being online will help you grow quicker than you thought possible.

Take social media for example; this could perhaps be the most valuable tool at your disposal.

The vast majority of your customers are likely to be on either Facebook, Google+ or Twitter so it makes sense to directly target them.

You can set up a free page for your business on Facebook, attract “likes” so your messages go straight to your potential customers, and offer deals and vouchers to lure them in. Plus you can create an identity for your brand with your tone of delivery, imagery and how you interact with your audience.

The great thing about Facebook in particular is their “page manager” app, which allows you to monitor audience behaviour and place ads to attract more likes.

This  will offer you is the chance to get to know your market better; you can learn what they like and don’t like, get to know their shopping habits and what they react to best - having all the data in front of you so you can fine tune your approach to marketing really is invaluable and means you can streamline your advertising, so you won’t waste money or time targeting the wrong people.

Another great aspect of digital marketing is the fact that everyone is online - We’re talking journalists, bloggers, PR companies and celebs; your industry is out there and all you have to do is integrate yourself into it.

For example, you can get yourself on Twitter, follow some of the key figures in your area and get talking to as many people as you can about all things related to your business, not just the things you sell. You will be surprised at opportunities arise once you start networking with like-minded people.

The most dangerous thing for a new business is paid advertising campaigns and if you go in without a clear strategy of what you want to achieve and where your money is going, it could be curtains for you.

When starting out it is all about making sure that if you spend £1, then you are getting more than that back in either sales or traffic onto your website or customers through your door.

You have to focus on measurable paid marketing channels, and probably the best way to do that is with a pay-per-click campaign, either on social media or across the web. That way you know exactly what you are getting for every penny you spend, but do your resarch first.

Perhaps the best, cheapest, but probably the hardest way to market yourself digitally is by creating exceptional content that will draw people in. If you have something to offer, then people will share, talk about it and ultimately spread the word.

What’s hard about this is being original and creative in a world where the internet is awash with ideas, and a lot of them bad. You can use a freelancer to create blogs relating to your business that you can then share about, but make sure you use someone that can deliver high-quality stand-out content. Ultimately whatever is put out there with your name on will come to reflect you as a company.

Digital marketing for a new business is undoubtedly essential as a low-cost, high-impact way of generating interest revenue, but you must make sure you have the goods to back it up with once you have hooked in a customer. That means a stylish, easy-to-use website that gives the customer what they want. Otherwise all your hard work will be for nothing.