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How To: Get Started With A Blog

How To: Get Started With A Blog


19 January 2012
3 min read

Setting up a blog, like an online journal, is a manageable task. It takes much more effort to create high-quality content for a blog. People start blogs for a number of reasons. Some want to vent their frustrations, while others want to make money. Some bloggers are looking to educate, while others just want to have fun with a personal journal. Setting up a blog is free, best of all.

Creating Your Blog
The first step to creating your blog is finding a website to host it. Some of the current popular sites are Tumblr, Blogger, and Wordpress. These blogs come with templates so it is not necessary to learn about design unless you want a custom template. These sites are absolutely free. The website walks you through the process so there really is nothing to learn. When you do sign up, choose a creative and unique name that relates to your blog’s central theme or topic.

Choose Your Settings
Most blogging platforms also allow comments, which you can moderate. That means they don’t appear on your blog until after you approve them. This option is usually found in the blog’s settings. You should also consider whether you would like your blog to be public or only available to those with a password. Each blogging platform will give you different settings to choose from regarding contact, comments, and appearance.

One important part of blogging is visiting other blogs to network. Not only will you get a glimpse of how a successful blog is run, but you also get to make friends with other bloggers. When leaving a comment, always add your URL in the field that asks for it so that you encourage readers to visit. Do not be afraid to socialize.

Create Content
Keep your blog updated with fresh content at least once a week. The more you write the more likely people are to visit your blog. Keep lists of what you want to write about and research topics related to your blog’s contents frequently. Brainstorm when you are watching television, listening to music, or talking to friends. This way, you will never run out of content no matter what your topic is. Make blogging part of your routine.

Make It Personal
After you have begun creating content and are in the process of networking, which never ends, consider different ways to personalize your blog. Look at other blogs for inspiration and see how they put a personal touch on their blogs. Maybe it just takes a few pictures, a personal anecdote, or a new color scheme.

You should ensure that readers have a way to contact you personally. Tumblr comes with a built-in message feature, but other sites do not. You should create an email address that is associated with the name of the blog. Don’t reveal too much information, like your full name, though. You also might consider an ‘About Me’ page for readers to learn more about you.

• Be sure to use a spell checking feature in your browser or on Microsoft Word.
• Consider getting involved with a website that wants to advertise on blogs with links, reviews or banners.
• If you post about controversial topics, be aware that you may receive angry comments.


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