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How to Use Facebook as an Effective Communication Channel

How to Use Facebook as an Effective Communication Channel


13 January 2012
3 min read

There is no need to go into Facebook and what it is. Similarly, the importance of having a Facebook page if you run a business or even a blog is now fully established. In a world where social media is becoming increasingly prominent and where Facebook is still the leading social website, the usefulness of a Facebook cannot be underestimated. There are however many people who still do not understand how to use Facebook as an effective communication channel.


The fact is that unless you are a big brand or even one that already possesses a good following, your carefully designed Facebook page could turn out to be a huge waste of time and resources. It is imperative to understand how to effectively tap into the potential of having an active Facebook page. You will otherwise miss a lot of great opportunities to attract visitors to your website and subsequently see a boost in your traffic.

It is not that uncommon to see many such pages get a ton of likes but fail to be used as a real channel. Unfortunately, simply having millions of likes on your page no longer suffices. This is why many of those "Buy Facebook Likes" services no longer work and are mostly being ignored. While making the most of each feature of Facebook is a huge topic in itself, there are certain great ways to turn your page into an attraction communication medium.


Stop talking only about yourself

Unless you are Google, Nike or Walmart, there will be a point when you will not have much to say about yourself. At that point, you will probably stop caring about your Facebook page for the sole reason that you are not inspired enough to post anything. If this happens, it only indicates that you did not understand what having a Facebook page is all about.

Sure, you know you are using it to give your brand more visibility, to reach out to a higher audience and because you have been told that social now plays a role in search engines. However, keep in mind that you are directly addressing real persons on Facebook. There is no middle man and no software that you can try to deceive. If your business is relatively small in size, the users of Facebook are even less inclined to give your page a second thought after liking it. Moreover, if your whole time is spend on Facebook promoting your own website and services or products, it hardly makes for an interesting conversation.

This is why you must understand that the key to turning your Facebook page into a reliable communication channel resides in talking about various other things other than yourself. You can talk about current events, about industry news, or about things even somewhat remotely related to what your page is about. It is pretty much the same as in real life. Nobody would bother you if you could only be bothered to talk about your life and your issues unless you are a celebrity or someone very famous. Social networks are the same.

There are certain things that you can implement on your page to make this possible. The most important of those is allowing people to post on your wall instead of restricting that privilege. Of course, you will need to be cautious in case people are spamming away on your Facebook page but that is something that cannot be avoided.

Another great technique to use is periodic updates. In addition to your general posts of every day, you can inform your audience that you will be posting more specific things on a particular day at a particular. These can be more specific posts, albums or videos. The periodic nature of these posts means people will have an incentive to come to your page instead of blatantly ignoring you in their feed. In the long run, they will thus be more likely to actually interact with your page.

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