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Logo Design Size - Does It Really Matters So Much

Logo Design Size - Does It Really Matters So Much


09 February 2012
3 min read

Logo is considered to be the identity of your business and at the same time you get the individuality of your brand. With a quality logo you can certainly create a visual impact and a perpetual kind of impression over the consumer’s minds. A logo design can comprise of not just text or graphics but also is seen with the blend of both (the graphics and content). The entrepreneurs whenever they ask any designer to design their company logo, they generally want them to design a bigger one, but the fact is big size are not always a better option.

These businessmen hardly understand the fact that logo are should always created to get a unique identity and are simply not to be blown up graphic design. The following ideas can help you get the best logo design:


The size cannot be called as everything

If you are able to design a logo in a right way for your company, you can certainly improve the business and thus enhance the brand value among the number of existing and potential clients. An improper logo can ruin the image of your company’s reputation and gives a negative impact to the consumers. Though in many cases, size does matter a lot, however, this rule is not applicable while designing any company’s logo. Furthermore, with large size logo you can damage the image of your business. Many of the business owners still have the notion of coming up with bigger size logos as they call them as impressive choice for their target market. Logos play a key role in creating visual impact about their businesses, but it certainly does not come with a big size.


The big size logos are distracting

When you design a bigger size logo for your company, it simply irritates your consumers. The large size logos generally annoy the audiences when they are used for any advertisement or marketing thing either online or via any traditional method. So bigger logos aren’t a better choice, and if you subscribe the bigger as better idea, get rid of the same.


Use proper space

You may find logos having some text message in it. So when you make the graphic jumbo size, you will find the text moving in the sideways. To put things right, you need to properly distribute the space among the logo and the content message. By doing this you can easily convey the message and build a quick connection between you and the potential customers. Hence you should therefore focus properly on getting a message across the consumers rather than mere haranguing over the size of graphics with the logo designers. Avoid using a large logo having a small or tiny tagline, it will never work.


The negative space is pretty appealing to eyes

The businessmen often find irritating to find any blank spaces in the logo design. They call it simply a waste since the space was not used in the logo properly. However, they fail to understand the fact that the very presence of such blank space or the negative space can really increase the aesthetic value of the logo. In other words they are appealing to your eyes.


Bottom line

The idea of getting a good logo design is often misinterpreted by many business owners and entrepreneurs. These should be understood in a right perspective; otherwise you as a business owner may end up getting a wrong design logo giving a negative impression about your business. With the above ideas discussed, you can certainly embark with a right kind of logo design for your business.

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