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Shopping online in Cyprus

Shopping online in Cyprus


10 April 2011
3 min read

Even if for most of us online shopping is a way of living, for some others is still something new. Some people ask me if it is ok to shop from, or other well-known online ecommerces.

Most of times they are shocked when looking at the prices and realize how cheap it is (to buy online) but when they click on the “buy button” they are confused.

They tend to ask the following questions:
•    Is it safe to use my credit card on this website?
•    How many days I will wait and what will happen if I don’t receive the item?
•    Is it original item or replica?
•    What is Paypal?

Nowadays most of the Internet users that have bought a few products online already know the answers of the above questions.

I believe that a lot of consumers in Cyprus are big fans of online shopping especially to these 3 shops but actually that’s not the subject of this topic. What I would like to discuss in this topic is actually about Cypriots shopping online from Cypriot online stores. A few questions that come to my mind right now are:
•    Do Cypriots buy online from Cypriot online stores?
•    Do they pay online or do they pay on delivery?
•    Do they find them cheaper?
•    Do they trust Cypriot Online shops?
•    Is it worth it to buy from a Cypriot online shop or its better buy from an international or even better to go buy from a local store?  
•    Is it worth it for a local store to expand into an online store?

There are many online shops in Cyprus at the moment but im not really sure how many of those are successful and profitable..
The very first question that the consumers should do before buying from an online shop in Cyprus is: Why should I buy from there? And the very first question an owner of an online shop should make to his self is: Why should people buy from my store?

Most of the online shop managers in Cyprus do not realized that consumers need extra motivations in order to buy online from their shops. A few more questions for an online shop manager might be:

•    Does your online shop offer something different from a competitive physical store?
•    Is your shop cheaper from a physical store?
•    Does it have a good customer support and sales department like a physical store?
•    Can you offer fast and reliable delivery?
•    Do your visitors feel that they can trust your online shop?

In general you will have to work hard your brand awareness and create an online shop that can offer a shopping experience just like a physical store, in order to win your customer’s loyalty.

Here are some rules that I believe most of online shop owners ignore at the moment:

1.    An online shop should sell products cheaper than a retail physical shop
2.    An online shop should offer an easy and pleasant shopping experience to the user when looking for products to buy them.
3.    An online shop should create a good trustful relationship between the consumers
4.    When a shopper visits an online shop would like to see a variety of products and not only a few random products from your local store
5.    An online shop must have good sales and technical support

If you own an online ecommerce in Cyprus and you don’t your shop don not follow the above attributes then do not even bother try to promote your shop.

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