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Sometimes For SEO, Your Competitor Becomes Your Best Friend

Sometimes For SEO, Your Competitor Becomes Your Best Friend


22 February 2012
3 min read

After reading this post, you may suspect our definition of friend. We keep it simple. To us, it means people we follow. Read on.

Search engine optimization is no set of rules that, if you follow, will do wonder to your business. It never was. In today’s overtly competitive market, SEO is particularly more challenging. It will cost you money and lot of time to reach at an optimum SEO strategy. Even if you commit both of them, no one guarantees your success as market is heavily dynamic.

So, what you can do? The answer is ‘Follow the leader’. Here, leader means our existing successful competitors. They walked the aisle already. So, you don’t need to make own way out of the wood every time. Just try to find out your competitors. This should not be a hard job. And once you are sure about who are your competitors, get snoopy.

What to look for in a competitor?

1. You need to start with keywords. Key words and phrases are still the building blocks of search engine world. We search with keywords and phrases. Web crawlers also look for them in your content.

Dig your competitors’ sites to get a sense of words and phrases they are relying on. Source code is an authentic way to accomplish this task. If you don’t know how to get source code, check your web browser. Chrome, Firefox, IE and others – all of them will give you access to source code. Many of us are not much handy with codes. If you are one of them, acquire this skill.

2. Backlinking has become very tricky. Search engines use back-link as a tool to understand your site’s online reputation. But their algorithm is lot trickier. So, don’t waste time thinking how to out-smart them. Use free web services, like, Alexa, and check how your competitors managed to win search engine algorithms. Follow their blueprint.

3. Once you track down your competitor’s SEO strategy, never let it go out of your sight. Maintain a close surveillance.

4. Without supportive content, you will end up nowhere in Cyprus SEO. But, how much content is enough? This is a tricky question and there is no simple answer to it. In fact, the range is pretty dynamic. Content need increases as keywords get competitive unless you are dealing with exclusive and exhaustive contents.

So, again to cut short your exploration, track what your competitor is doing. And also follow the style and type of content, they are using. Of course, you must not copy them. That will earn you ‘plagiarized’ tag.

These 4 basic spy tricks will do wonder for your website’s page rank if used with intelligence. For example, you can use semantic techniques for following your competitors’ keywords in your favor. But never ever follow blackhat tricks, even if you find your competitor is really cashing on it.

In dynamic search engine marketing, nobody expects path breaking idea every day. That is not possible. So, be wise and use resources and information readily available.

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