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The Most Important Element - Web Design on a Budget

The Most Important Element - Web Design on a Budget


31 January 2012
3 min read

Websites are no longer a fancy element now. A cool website can surely attract loads of attention. No doubt, your business gets extra exposure through the website to clients and prospects. They can also communicate back to you with least effort through website. However, often we suffer from two minds on how a perfect web design should be? In addition, we generally end up spending more than our budget.

Now the question is, what can we do to get an effective web design that too within our budget? There are number of web designers available to help you out, but they all talk techs. Simply for a lay man, you are not sure what they mean. Follow us. These basic guideline would help you to land up on a useful web design within you budget.


Good navigation tool

It is very much required as good navigation helps visitors to go deeper inside your website. It is essential for the Web Design to have uniform navigation. There are different styles of navigation. However, what type of navigation you select for your site; depends on the nature of your business. Always select the navigation that suits your business well. That is the catch for the website to look appealing and user friendly. The more user friendly the site is, it becomes much easier for the users to understand and use it.


Responsive design

You do not know what display size visitors are using. They can come from desktop, net books, tablet, or smart phones. Therefore, display resolutions differ across the devices. To fit all the display sizes you have to build responsive web design. With responsive design, website realigns itself according to the resolution of display and visitors get best possible surfing experience. It also saves you from maintaining separate mobile browser friendly website and on other hand makes it easier for every user to see it in perfect way. May whatever medium they use to surf the site but it should look well aligned. This could be done with responsive design.


Social media sharing

We are fast entering into a world where social media sites are unavoidable. Social Media has become indispensable part of one’s life. People in today’s world prefer sharing things with friends and acquaintances if they find anything valuable and useful on web. You must use this for the website. Allow them to share your web content with others, if they wish too. Tweet, Facebook and emails are few examples. Dedicated buttons to social networks are must on sites. It allows sharing the information in no time and easily.


Flash and 3D graphics

They are good to look at and fun to use but end clogging the bandwidth. Result is slow page loading. High website latency is a major turn off for visitors. Therefore, you should avoid them as long as there is a substitute. If you must have those tricky graphics, you should get higher bandwidth too. In addition, extra bandwidth does not come cheap. Therefore, to stay within budget, you can chop off such graphics. Whereas the graphics on the site should be clear and easy to understand. It becomes easier for the user to understand and to use it. You can obviously add things to the site later to make it attractive and appealing but the main motive should be to make it user oriented.


Clean layout

This is necessary to have in a website. Clean layout with proper header, footer, and side space gives an organized look. Fixed header space allows you to put a company logo across different pages. Therefore, every page shows off your brand. On the footer, you can put navigation tabs and links. This helps visitors to navigate away from the page once the finish reading the content. They will not need to scroll up every time to navigate away. Side space you can use to put adverts for maximum visibility. Clean layouts are easier to understand and use.



Blog is an effective way to communicate with your clients. Many businesses capitalized this technique successfully in their marketing initiatives. However, along with blog, you must maintain a set up to manage the communication; otherwise customers won’t get any interest. This means extra cost on you. If you can’t afford this, you should avoid blog initially. After all, you can include blog any time when you feel more confident.

You must remember that people come to your site not for seeing tricky graphics but to search solutions to their problems. To succeed, you must solve their problem.


Quick tips to add on:

  • Make it user friendly, as the more user friendly it is more appealing it would look to the users.
  •  Easier layouts and design make it simple for the users. The web designers these days make a very simple but an attractive web design, so you can try those one.
  • You can add more graphics later as it will require an extra sum of investment to you.
  • The key is to keep it simple and easy to understand.
  • The Good visual design is one thing that could make any site a hit.
  • Interface should be thoughtful and good.
  • Navigation should be easier to use. Make one above the fold and another at the footer. It will really help.
  • The most important feature of any blog is the content. Content is what that a blog runs on. So, keep the content highly informative. The content should be useful to the readers.
  • Always put contact information in the blog. It will make easier for the readers to provide the feedback on the blog. But do not make the contact page a complicated one, for this is the only
  • page through which you can get the feedback from your users.
  • Be ready to bring changes to the sites according to the viewer’s feedback. Positive feedback is good but be ready to face some criticism. Take it in a positive way and add it to the site.
  • You could use the separate design for the content.
  • You could use the cross browser compatibility.

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