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27 February 2012
3 min read

In case you haven’t noticed is here for some time now. Most of you have already set as your default page, also. So what is really changing in our searching experience with against

Well, the obvious is that we will get more “Cypriot websites” within the first results, at any search query we do. By Cypriot we mean websites with either domain, websites with Cypriot address or websites with a lot of references in Cyprus. But, technically, there is no such a thing as “Cypriot website”, as a website by definition is something global. Google though, using its algorithm will try return to us the Best results regarding the Search Query + Cyprus relevancy.

Before, when searching something using, the results returned to us were globally and Cypriot websites could not actually compete them to rank in the first results. Actually what most of us did was to use the word “Cyprus” among with what we were searching for. For example, we did not search for “mobile phones”, we did search for “mobile phones Cyprus”.

Guest what? Now there is no need to do that anymore. When you are searching something in Google knows that you are searching from Cyprus and assumes that you are looking for results relevant to Cyprus, so is trying to localize the results. Sure you will get global results also but Google will try return to you as many results match to your location (Cyprus).

Let’s do an experiment to check this out. Try searching the word “Travel” using What do you see? 5 Cypriot companies pop up in the first page results and some of them on the Google maps also.


So what will change in our searching experience now with

  1. More “Cypriot websites” will rank in the first results
  2. No need to use the word “Cyprus” in every search we do. Google already know that you are looking something within Cyprus
  3. Location based results. In most cases the results we will get will come also from Google maps with the address.
  4. We can set up our City in order to get results nearest to our city
  5. More relevant results to Cyprus


What website owners should consider?

  1. Domain name helps a lot if its
  2. The Cypriot address of your company should be visible in the website, in order for Google to understand that the website is Cypriot
  3. You will now receive more targeted visits from Cyprus
  4. You might want to consider some Local SEO techniques


Bottom Line: Is it good or bad?

Everything looks bad in the early adoption, especially when it comes to the Internet. People do not usually react well on massive changes. We saw that on Facebook and we see it on other websites also. Adoption of will be fast from Cypriots because it has to offer way more than before. Searching for Cypriot products or services in now will be easier, faster and most important, way more accurate. Cypriots will eventually get local results regarding their searches without using the word “Cyprus”.

From an Internet marketing prospecting is a huge change, especially for E-commerces and other product/services websites that target Cypriots consumers. Any website owner in Cyprus, will now be able to rank his website in Google, using keywords, that will never imagine before.

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