Case Study

#EKA GROUP the journey of a well-established brand into the social media world


EKA Group is a multi-business organization operating in the building materials and systems markets of the construction sector. Webarts was asked to take their already respected brand into the digital world and establish their presence there. At first, our marketing activities were focused on EKA Swimming Pools. Having successfully completed the project, we were entrusted with the promotion of the entire Group.


Campaign Development

Coordination & Execution

Content Production

Ads & Performance Management

Lead Generation Tactics

What We Achieved


Total Reach







Digital Strategy

Having performed extensive research, we developed a strategy in which we identified certain buyers’ personas, defined their characteristics, found important keywords and set out an action plan to achieve goals. The overarching goal was to create consistency in their digital strategy, something which was missing at the time.


We’ve run several campaigns in order to promote certain products and services. These campaigns have been backed up with landing pages which contained fillable forms, e-mail workflows, Facebook & Google ads.

Content Creation / Social Media Marketing

We created a consistent monthly plan with content which could resonate with our audience, based on life aspects they value. We also identified the exact type of content which would best interest those personas, after having divided it into various thematical categories. The content came in the form of posts, videos and blogs. Through the content, we have been trying to educate and inform EKA’s customers about the company’s values.

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