Case Study

#GIOVANI Group “builds” its organic traffic and increase it by 380%


Giovani Group, a well-known construction and real estate company in Cyprus’ east coast, hired our team to establish a consistent and effective marketing strategy that would help the company keep their leading position in the real estate market, promote upcoming projects, communicate efficiently with company’s target audience, increase leads and measure results.
Real Estate – Real Life is the company’s motto. Real Marketing – Real Results is ours


Digital Strategy

Ads & Performance Management

Content Production

Website Design / Development

Lead Generation Campaigns

What We Achieved


Traffic Increase


Organic Traffic Increase


Social Media Engagements Increase


Lead Generation Increase

Digital Strategy

After executing research, we were able to develop a new online strategy for the company, mainly focused on social media activities, content, campaigns which included persona identification, preparation of the types of content to be used for the company’s channels, and blog.

Website Design / Development

The company needed a new website that would be able to present the values, culture, and luxury properties. With a simple easy to navigate design, large images to show off their work and bold choices of colors, the newly designed website has been the main destination for a consistent communication channel with the potential customers.

Content Creation

A content plan needed to be created for the company following its guidelines and the inbound strategy that had already been agreed with Giovani Group of Companies and Webarts. Each month, our content creators, created a consistent plan with relevant content of interest to our audience, that serves the specific purposes and goals of Giovani Group of Companies. With specific channels in mind ( Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin ) our team created content in many formats such as static images, albums, carousels, infographics, etc.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Based on Inbound Marketing tactics, our team created online campaigns aimed at promoting different rental projects with landing pages which ran on Facebook and Google and helped Giovani Group increase its leads by 70%. The goals were to increase awareness, leads, and engagement of their consumers.

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