Case Study

#cookyourhealth by Universal Life & PASYKAF


Cook your health was a campaign which was proposed by Universal Life in collaboration with PASYKAF. This campaign, which we were asked to execute, aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness regarding intestinal cancer. The main challenge we faced was coming up with innovative ways to engage our audience. To that end, a website was created, which invited users to share unique healthy recipes. Out of all users, only eight were selected in order to take part in a cooking competition where the public and cooking professionals voted for their best dish!


Campaign Development

Coordination & Execution

Content Production

Web design / Development

Lead Generation Tactics

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Campaign Development

We were in charge of setting up, developing and executing the campaign. At first, we received a brief instructing us to set up a campaign proposal with information on campaign specifics such as timeframes, processes, goals and people involved.


Subsequently, we executed the campaign at multiple levels, which meant having to contact various related parties such as the organisers of the event, the sponsors, the judges, the influencers and the production team.


Ultimately, we ran the campaign on multiple dimensions: from social media management to content creation to website development. Additionally, we informed the audience about the dierent stages of the competition, and updated the website with footage of the competition, which was also used in the voting process. At the same time, we ran sponsored ads on social media, Google and YouTube.

Content Production

All content relating to the campaign, as well as coverage of the events, which included video shootings, contestant interviews etc, were undertaken by our team. We also produced videos featuring acclaimed chefs who urged the public to take part in the competition and follow up on news and updates through the campaign’s website.

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