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Sophia For Children

As part of its CSR activities, Webarts aligns with the principles and values of the Cyprus-based NGO ”Sophia For Children”, contributing and enhancing its online presence, whilst supporting the organization’s main activities and goals. 

Sharing a common vision to creating a better world, Webarts undertakes the digital promotion of the organization’s activities, the management of its social media and the design and development of its new website.

Utilising valuable experience and know-how in the field of Digital Marketing & Web Design, our ultimate goal is to strengthen the online presence of the organization, whilst increasing public awareness and engagement on sensitive and important matters related to the right of children to education and food, as well as having access to safe drinking water and basic medical care.

Sophia For Children was established in 2008 by Cypriot volunteers, with an aim to fight poverty and its repercussions, mainly concentrating on the most vulnerable social group, that of children. The organization’s main activities focus on the children living in Kenya and the “Adopt A Child” campaign, aiming to provide safety, lodging, and education to children living in areas plagued by poverty, famine, and climate change.

Since 2013, the organization has constructed and equipped kitchens in all-day primary and nursery schools all over Cyprus, providing daily lunch to the children in need. As an NGO, Sophia For Children operates purely based on donations and income from organized special activities and charity events.

Supported with love, from Webarts team.

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DRO.ME.A. Racing

Arguably, Dro.Me.A. Racing organizes the most vibrant long-distance running events in Cyprus. The word Dro.Me.A. refers to the Greek word for “runner” but also doubles as an acronym for the phrase “Long Distance Runners” – describing the members of this racing club. 

Webarts is a proud sponsor/supporter of Dro.Me.A. Racing since 2012, and encourages people to go the extra mile, promoting running as a fun activity to all people, irrespective of their background.  

Striving for excellence, to outrun the ordinary and achieve the extraordinary, Webarts has designed with love, redesigned and helped upgraded the club’s official website during the years, while through continuous technical support ensures that everything runs smoothly online. An additional activity undertaken and successfully completed was the thorough technical support offered to create the club’s new mobile application portal, enhancing Dro.Me.A.’s digital presence, whilst catering to the increasing demands of current times. 

The last but core asset to facilitate Dro.Me.A.’s coordination was to automate and digitalise the club’s registration process and event participation applications – an integral part of their uninterrupted and more efficient performance, inviting more people to participate in future running events. 

Supported with love, from Webarts team.

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