8 Vital Internet Marketing Tips

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11 May 2011,

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, the art of internet marketing is more complex than ever before. However, some principles are still applicable. Too often, small business owners and professional marketers overlook the simple techniques that result in successful campaigns. The following are some great internet marketing tips and techniques to consider.

1. Know your audience

Successful campaigns come about because marketers understand their audience. They understand their needs, how to satisfy those needs and how to generate demand. Knowing your audience through appropriate market segmentation will result in a well targeted campaign which will generate a profitable return.

2. Focus on the offer

A marketing offer is what drives results with marketing promotions. According to market testing, the offer is the most important criterion for conversion. If you focus your offer, you will be successful.

3. Split test

Never run a campaign without testing something. A common test is the split test, which allows you to test two versions of something at the same time. It could be an email or web page. Split testing is vital for improving performance.

4. Never work alone

The most creative ideas come as a result of working with other creative individuals. You don’t need to have all the great ideas or answers. You could start with an idea, but it can be improved by opening dialog with creative people.

5. Don’t sell on price

Many marketers fail because of selling on price alone. This results in a discounting war, reduced profitability and sometimes bankruptcy. Instead, focus on creating a high product value that the issue of price becomes insignificant.

6. Consistent messaging

Before launching a campaign, consider the whole user experience. From offer to email to website, is the prospective customer having a consistent experience? If so, your campaigns are likely to be very effective. Consistent messaging has proved effective in promoting my diet blog where I share Medifast coupons, Bistro MD promo codes and Nutrisystem discounts.

7. Create after-sale value

It is important for marketers to understand their market segment and sustain relationships after sale. Focus your energy on building long term relationships with customers as well as prospects.

8. Test, test, test

Besides split testing, you need to consider several forms of testing in various marketing disciplines. For direct mail, test offers, headlines, time of mail drop, copy, etc. Make testing your life long mission.