Do It Together Solution

A solution for companies with existing marketing teams.

Even if you have your inhouse team of social media managers, graphic designers, and
influencers, you may still need advice or help with building your ads, generating ideas, and reading reports. Webarts can build a team to cater your needs.

“Do it together Solution” is the ultimate way to utilize the benefits of your in-house resources and, at the same time, have access to the Agency’s long experience and knowhow.

What We Offer

Current Strategy Deliverables.

One-off 1st and 2nd month deliverables.

Digital Marketing audit. Review of the current situation and come up with useful suggestions.

Ongoing Service Areas

Dedicated account manager to be contacted via email, chat, phone.

Monthly Report with highlights and suggestions.

Monthly online call for brainstorming and reviewing.

Creative consulting on idea generation, content suggestions, and helpful advice.

Technical Consulting and advice on various subjects related to Digital marketing (Social media, Paid ads, Google search, Facebook shop, Email Marketing).

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*Deliverables will be adjusted to each customer’s needs.

For providing the above services, the following fees apply:

Starting at 1500/month (one-off fee)

then 500 EUR/month

Total time provided: 12 hours/month

Who is it for?

Companies with 1-5 in-house employees that manage their digital campaigns internally and utilize the benefits of their own resources. With our solution, such companies will have our long experience and knowhow.


Let's do better marketing together!