5 Small Triggers that Make Your Audience Want to Buy Your Product

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11 May 2012,


5 Small Triggers that Make Your Audience Want to Buy Your Product

Selling something online is not easy. Yes, it’s not easy if you don’t know how to do it. In order to convince people to buy your product, you have to know the triggers that make them want to buy your product. Here are 5 small triggers that make your audience want to buy your product:

1. They need it
The first thing that will make people buy something is because they really need that product. For example, you’re buying foods every day because you need it. Taste is optional, but you need the food to sustain your life. If you have more money, you can go for foods that have better taste. If you sell a product online, remind people that they need your product. Tell them that if they don’t use your product, their life is not complete. In this way, you will motivate them to buy.

2. It is very limited
There are lots of people who are passionate in collecting rare things. People generally have more pride when they buy something that is rare, or very limited. It will boost their ego, and make them feel special when they have something that is hard to find. If you’re selling product online, you have to tell your audience that your product will be available for a limited time. They won’t be able to obtain the product later if they don’t take action immediately. 

3. It will raise their status
People buy expensive things because they want to be seen as people in higher status level. Why people buy expensive car instead of cheaper car? That’s because they are not only seeking for usefulness of the product. Along with their purchase decision, they want to raise their status at the same time. If you can make your product seems exclusive and special, you better do that. That’s because people generally want to buy a product if it can elevate their status.

4. It will be useful for long-term
People don’t want to waste money for the same things over and over again. They want something that they can use for a long time. In this way, they can get the best value for their investment. If you can tell your audience that your product will help them for a long time, and you will support them as long as they need your support, it will motivate them to buy your product immediately.

5. People are using it
The last thing is social proof. If you can prove to your audience that your product is being used by many people all over the world, chances are more people will come to buy your product as well. This is why trends are very popular. That’s why people prefer to buy popular products rather than unpopular products.

Those are small triggers that will help you to motivate your audience to buy your product. If you are selling product online, you can use those small triggers to break their buying resistance and persuade them more effectively. If you use those small triggers, you will be able to significantly increase your product sales.