Facebook Pages 4 New Features.. Don't Miss!

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02 June 2012,


Facebook Pages 4 New Features.. Don't Miss!

Facebook is releasing new features and it is very clear that it wants to give more to Facebook Pages, mostly owned by Brands, Shops and Business. The 4 major features that we will mention below are ready to offer to Facebook page owners' better productivity on how they manage their Facebook page.

So let's check them out:

Schedule Posts

This is big since many of us rely on services like Hootsuite to do this. Now you can easily create a new post and instead of posting, you just schedule it to be automatically posted on a day and time you prefer. This is very helpful for page owners that do not have a flexible time to spend with their page and let you for example, write a post in the morning and have it schedule to be posted at night 20:00.

Be careful, wrong use of this feature might cause you to lose a lot of engagement with the fans, if you use it with the wrong way.

Promoted Posts

You will notice a tiny button on the right bottom side of your post. There you can spend a few cash in order to boost your post's virallity and get it promoted on the first page activity stream of your fans. I'm not a huge fan of this feature since it requires payment to be used but if you have something really important to share, Facebook just give you the opportunity to do it with some extra cash.

Doing some quick math. Let's say that your average selling product is 20 Euro and that your average conversion rate from Facebook is 0.1%. That means by spending 5 Euro promoting a post to reach 1000 fans, you will get a customer with 5 euro. If that is Ok with you in order to pay 5 euro and get a customer from Social Media then you should try out this feature.


Page Posts Metrics

Another good feature, which let you have a quick look of your Reach Metrics at the bottom of each post. I know a lot us don't have time or don't bother checking all the time the Insights page, so that's a good one for those who just want to have a fast look on how their post is doing.

Check the picture above. What you see is

1. Organic reach which is how many fans have seen your post

2. Viral reach which is how many friends of your fans seen your post. (Very useful)

3. Paid reach which is how many fans saw your posts from the promoted feature we mention above


Admin Permission Levels

Another final huge feature that at last let you create several roles for your Facebook page. This is very useful especially for big pages and brands, who have several staff to manage several tasks on each page. For example, if you are owner of a retail store page you might want to give access to a marketing analyst of your page and you don't want to bother him with many admin features that he will not need. In that case you can assign him with the role of Insights Analyst and that's it.


These are just few of the "more to come' from Facebook. It is clear that Facebook wants to invest on Brands and Business owners who aim to reach customers and create brand awareness from Facebook. That's not bad at all, but let's hope that Facebook do this slowly with caution because giving Page owners too much freedom and promotion features might break the relationship between fans and create "walls". We don't want this to happen and we all shall invest time on providing great content to our fans.

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