Mobile Website Design: How to Develop a Purposeful Presence

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25 October 2012,


Mobile Website Design: How to Develop a Purposeful Presence

With m-commerce now redefining the way in which select, browse and purchase items, there is increasing pressure on brands to develop a well designed and multi-functional mobile website. According to analytics performed by comScore, mobile users now account for at least one in eight web site visits, with this ratio is set to improve even further throughout 2013 and beyond. This cannot be ignored by aspiring businesses, especially those who wish to survive in a depressed economy.

Three Tips for Mobile Website Design: How to Strike the Balance between Aesthetics and Function

With this in mind, what key factors should you bear in mind as you strive to develop an aesthetically pleasing and functional mobile website? Consider the following: -

Make your Site Compatible with Leading Devices: Although this may sound like an obvious suggestion, there are a number of popular web design features that can seriously inhibit your sites popularity among mobile users. Flash provides a relevant example of this, as although it serves a clear audio-visual purpose it is not supported by leading mobile devices such as the iPhone or iPad. You should also avoid any feature or function that delays the loading time of your website, as this can cause potential customers to find an alternative brand.

Organize the Detail of your Website Carefully:

Mobile consumers are typically in more of a hurry than those who are browsing at home, so it is critically important that you determine a clear and actionable layout for visitors to follow. For example, take care to ensure that all of your contact details are located towards the top of your website, as this enables visitors to find the information that they need quickly. Similarly, make sure that any actionable icons are large and clearly displayed, so that customers can make a purchase or booking quickly and efficiently.

Embrace Responsive Web Design: Creating a mobile website is far more complex than it may at first seem, primarily due to the huge number of alternative devices and feature phones that populate the market. Designing your website to fit a single device may eliminate a significant percentage of your consumer base, so instead embrace the principles of responsive web design when developing your site. This allows your website to scale itself in order to fit any individual screen size, so that regardless of which device your customers use they can gain uninhibited access.

The Bottom Line for Brands and Developers

Given the trends of the current consumer market and the soaring popularity of smartphones, it is likely that the concept of m-commerce will take off considerably over the next 5 years. This makes the development of a user friendly and compatible mobile website an absolute must for businesses, regardless of whether they are marketing a service or product. The most important thing when developing a mobile website is to consider the fundamental needs of your customers, so that you can design a site that is both functional and pleasing to look at.