Inbound Marketing value to your Business is not only about number of Likes, Visits or Google rankings. It is about building relationships with customers, increasing your profits and establishing a better presence for your brand. That's why our Digital Marketing approach focuses on the success and real value provided to your Business.

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A new era of Digital Marketing in Cyprus (called Inbound Marketing) is rising, which mainly pertains to "Getting Found" by your customers. It is an approach that helps your company attract, delight and convert potential customers using organic and inbound activities like search engine optimization, social media, blogging outreach, content marketing, newsletter design and other organic channels.

Traditional marketing (Outbound) is being used by a marketer to "push the message" by using techniques like cold calling, aggressive sales, paid advertising and emails spam. On the other hand, "Inbound Marketing" focuses on providing useful information and interesting content in order to engage potential customers, creating trust and relationship between people and your brand. We believe that Inbound marketing is the future of Online marketing, not only because is what your customers love but because we can see its successive results in Brands. Webarts is a Hubspot Certified Partner.

Inbound Marketing in a simple image provided by Hubspot

  • Attract

    Content and tips

    Social media posts

    Search engines

    Online media

    Paid advertising


  • Convert

    Landing pages

    Newsletter signups

    Forms and CTA



  • Close

    Contact management

    Email automation

    Lead nutritioning

    Workfllow sequence

    Engage activities

  • Delight


    Personal targeting

    Reccuring benefits

    Monitor & Engage

    Follow - up


Here are some rather convincing stats provided by Hubspot:

  • 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are also more likely to buy from that company.
  • 78% of consumers believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.
  • Inbound marketing double the average site conversion rate, from 6% to a total of 12%.
  • Inbound practices produce 54% more leads than traditional outbound practices.
  • Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than traditional outbound marketing.


Our Digital Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Pay Per Click

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Process


The most essential step before proceeding to any online activity is to research your market. We will find and understand the target audience that is more willing to look and buy your products or services. The following questions will be answered: where are your customers located, who are they, what do they want, what do they do and how can we find them? This research will be developed using advance online Marketing tools, our know-how, our experience and your feedback based on your business.

Strategy and Planning

Posting a status, you got inspired just now on your Facebook page is not that bad, but certainly you cannot rely on this strategy for too long. Webarts will work on the first month to deliver a 12 month success strategy and plan that will work for you. This plan will include the findings of our research, customer personas, content calendar, Optimization process, social media plan, and much more. Our team will design the optimal Inbound Marketing strategy to succeed your goals.

Competitive Analysis

Online Marketing and especially SEO involves a lot of competition. Surpass- ing your good competitors will first require to reach them and then do something more. We will provide you with ongoing in-depth reports concerning your competitors and how they perform on Search engines and Social media. This will help us understand them and eventually improve.

Content Strategy

Content means everything in Digital Marketing. There is no way to think about Online Marketing without it. A Quality interesting content might be an article, an image, video or other online tools. Understanding the needs of your audience and providing them with content they love will create better trust, increasing your traffic and profits. Our aim is to work together and develop the type of content that will establish this ongoing success for your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is a service that demands caution and a lot of research. It also includes hundreds of tasks that need to be checked and completed. Some of them are dynamically modified according to the client. So an organized process is needed in order to succeed. We will examine all the opportunities and target the most accurate keywords and visitors for your product and services. The research will provide us with all the necessary data for a successful SEO process plan laying.

Reaching your audience

Having everything setup up and running is great but now you need to reach your audience and develop activities to attract them. Your personas are out there waiting great content on your blog and social media. Targeting them correctly will help them found you in Search engines, like your social media, read your newsletters and respond to our remarketing follow-ups. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is one of the most important elements of Inbound Marketing and maybe the most popular digital marketing channel in Cyprus. It is well known that Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and dozens of other Social Networks growth have changed forever the Online Marketing approach, establishing a new communication channel between Customers and Brands all over the world. Webarts will take care everything on the social Media of your business from story discovery, development, creative, scheduling and monitoring.

Link building and Outreach

SEO is not only about ranking first in Google, is about increasing your company's web visibility where potential customers can discover your products and services. While applying our SEO techniques we will develop reference points of your website across the Web, including blog posts, social media signals, media coverage and much more. These references will return visits and potential customers to your website forever. Our Link building strategy has been developed to acquire natural valuable links and references from other websites to yours, in order to increase Page Authority and rankings. Outreach will also help your company build relationships and growth with important people and websites on the web. 

Lead Conversion

Everything happens for a reason and our reason is to generate leads and grow revenue for your business. Successful Lead conversion and generation need amazing content but also beautiful designed landing pages and call to actions. In order to maximize your results, we pay a lot attention to conversion optimization elements, creative, A/B tests and monitoring of your lead funnel activities. Lead conversions also consists on a good marketing and sales communication process. Our goal is to help your sales team bond with our marketing and lead conversions in order to be able to close more deals.

Reporting & Analysis

Every month a detailed report will be created and shared with the customer. Everything is done in order to ensure that we have generate your return of investment to our services. We will evaluate and discuss the results in order to maintain success and adjust on the insights. Our process has been developed in order to optimize the performance, communication and results.