Marketing Automation

Our company works with large automation marketing giants like Hubspot in order to utilise technology and help our customers bring in more sales

What is Marketing Automation?

In simple language, Marketing Automation is a process, combined with a software platform that helps you to automate your marketing and sales in order to help you build more engagement, increase traffic, generate more leads, close more deals and better measure marketing success.

Why Marketing automation is important

Marketing Automation is to Marketing and Sales what an ERP is to a business. It’s the tool and process that will help you leverage marketing processes, sales and teams. It will help you manage and control your social media, website, content, landing pages, email campaigns, advertising, CRM, reports and much more, all from one single platform. It is also the tool that will connect the dots between your marketing channels, utilizing the value of the data that is being generated.

Marketing Automation will help your business

Build better Brand Awareness and Engagement

Increase your traffic

Generate more leads

Manage and control your social media

Create content and landing pages with A/B testing

Qualify and prioritise your leads

Nurture those leads to a sales-ready state

Manage all of your email marketing campaigns

Send behavioural based emails

Create workflows of automated emails

Build lists based on user behaviours

Send behavioural based emails

Find more prospects

Report on the success of your campaigns

Track your campaigns

Understand your ROI

Marketing departments can save time and resources with an easy-to-use platform that makes it simple to manage all your campaigns within a single solution. Your campaigns run on autopilot while you spend time on all the other things you need to do to become more successful. With marketing automation you have a 360-degree view of how your prospects are interacting with you, and the tools to turn them into customers.
Read on to discover just some of the features of our “all in one inbound marketing and sales software”

What are the benefits to my business

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