7 predictions of Digital Marketing that we will see on 2013 in Cyprus

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13 January 2013,


7 predictions of Digital Marketing that we will see on 2013 in Cyprus

We are experiencing a highly scalable and changing Digital marketing world, that's why once again we need to focus and plan our resources and channels. In this article I will try mention below 7 predictions that I believe we will see in 2013 regarding Digital Marketing, based on my experience and clients we faced here in Webarts at 2012, in Cyprus

Prediction 1: Content is still the king

We are hearing this phrase for years now but I must say that is not going to fade out but it will become stronger. Latest Google and Facebook updates indicate only one thing, "You do not have place in our world if you don't have valuable, unique and great content". Websites with average or bad content will fall down to search engines and on the same scenario, Facebook pages and posts with less engaging content will become less visible to users. That's why Cyprus brands that will keep pushing sales messages instead of quality content this year will fall behind.

Prediction 2: More Businesses will get into Social Media spirit

You already know that social media is not about having a fancy Facebook page or LinkedIn profile or those pretty sharing buttons on your website right? Social Media is about engaging with your customers and giving them what they want. Social Media is not about sharing sales messages and not about getting more likes. My prediction is that more Businesses and Brands in Cyprus will understand this in 2013 in order to provide more quality and engaging content in their Social Media pages.

Prediction 3: Consumers will become more selective and search deeper before they buy

2013 means: 1) Very hard economy for all the companies and consumers and 2) New developments and revolution on Internet and technology products. Based on these 2 parameters there is only one conclusion, consumers and business will search, scan, filter and get deeper to what they are looking for. They will ask, read reviews, search in Google, and check your Facebook page before they buy a product. In Cyprus, based on the latest not so great news in Economy, will be something inevitable for this specific year.

Prediction 4: Social and SEO will be merged together

This is already happening... and we all see it coming. We can see the pieces of the puzzle being merged and are starting to have a clear image of what will follow. In 2013 you will have to see your Digital Strategy as a whole: Your website, Facebook page, blog, Twitter, SEO, Email marketing. Why? Because what you will post in your Facebook page or twitter will affect your rankings in Google and what you will write on your website will affect your fans in your Facebook page. Every single activity you will do will affect your Digital presence. Those that will take advantage of these channels together and not separately will have a dominant role on the Digital world in Cyprus.

Prediction 5: Business will look more into In-house

This is kind of negative to agencies like ours but this is the way to go based on the above points. So far, most companies in Cyprus used to hire an agency to fully develop and manage its marketing campaigns. My prediction is that these companies will be lower in 2013. Based on a hard economy like this and based on the development of the content mention above, more companies will look to develop their Digital Strategy in-house in order to be more effective and save money. Of course the role of an agency will not fade but it will become more consulting, supportive and technical.

Prediction 6: Digital Marketing will become more dynamic

Remember when you used to write a marketing plan for the whole year and follow it step by step to have a successful profitable Business year? Its time to forget about it or at least reconsider it. It's really hard to follow and it's very easy to fall behind if you stay static. In 2013 companies will have to adopt a dynamic and real time marketing plan that will be based on daily signals and activities. You will have to develop your strategy but you will need to be ready to adopt, change, improvise and act real time based on your user's feedback and the changes of the technology

Prediction 7: Push marketing will fall more

Last one and the easiest one, if you consider the fact that Google adwords had more revenue than the total of printing industry combined in US last year. Consumers have learned to filter and block traditional advertising and their effectiveness have been lowered a lot. Tv, radio ads and billboards will never die and will be effective for many years but based on the new data companies will have to look into other channels also. Channels that will be more content and customer focus in order to provide higher ROI and create more returning customers. This is what Inbound Marketing will try to do.

Thanks for reading this article. I would love to hear your thoughts and predictions on the comments below or you can always contact us by email or our Facebook Page.