Google April's 1st fool's day with 2 Jokes (VIDEO)

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01 April 2012,


Google  April's 1st fool's day with 2 Jokes (VIDEO)

Its the 1st of April fool's day an it seems that Google has a lot of sense of humor, publish 2 applications just for fun :) The first one is about an 8-bit version of Google maps, sold for Nintento hardware and its interface looks like the same as Super Mario we used to play kids Visit Map here.

And the second is a "Morses code" application for Android Gmail (LOL) called Gmail Tap. Yes correct, you an send an email using only dash and dots with moore's code. Its actually not a bad idea considering the annoying keyboard we have now. 

Check the videos inside and see what i mean :)

Google Maps 8-bid Version

Morse's new keyboard for Androig