Case Study

#Radisson blu launching campaign a success, with over 230k engagements


Radisson Blu Larnaka is a 5-star hotel that provides luxury accommodation to mostly business travellers. Our main goals were raising brand awareness about the hotel and its restaurants, as well as increasing user engagement on their social media channels. The campaign also included a promotion of Q Plaza and the restaurants which are found inside.


Campaign Development

Coordination & Execution

Content Production

Web design / Development

Lead Generation Tactics

What We Achieved


Total Reach

4.5 M



Total Engagements

New websites

We successfully rose up to the challenge of creating content that reflected the brand’s luxury image. More specifically, we created new websites for Q BLU PLAZA and the restaurants inside, namely Marbre Restaurant, MA restaurant and Dolce café. The purpose of these websites was to make them the primary communication channels with customers, containing news, general information about the restaurants and more.

Digital Strategy

Having executed an in-depth research, we developed a new online strategy for the group centred around social media activities, content production and campaigns. The strategy also included persona identification and content preparation for the brand’s channels and blog.

Content Creation / Social Media Marketing

Following the brand’s guidelines and the strategy previously developed by our team, we created a consistent monthly plan consisting of content which could resonate with their target audience. We also identified the exact type of content which would best interest those personas, after having divided it into various thematical categories.

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