AldermanWebarts Service and challenge: Webarts service was to design and develop a new website design interface, tied up with an external reservation system. The challenge we faced was making the new design simple, clean, easy to use by the customers, in order to increase online apartment bookings.

“Webarts developed for us a beautiful and user friendly website and a Digital Marketing strategy that was what we were looking in order to to succeed part of our Business goals. With their help we have increased our company's reputation and online lead generation.”

The results


Increase in Overall Traffic


Increase in User Engagement


Increase in New Visitors

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Alderman Serviced Appartments

Person: Mark Leaper

Company service:

Alderman Serviced Apartments provide the perfect alternative to hotel rooms, offering you more space, comfort and convenience.


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Interview with the customer

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Mark Leaper

Reservations Manager


1. How did our service help your Business?

Webarts provided a replacement website which was well designed and improved our customer’s on-line experience. They also look after our website hosting - we were suffering with very poor page load times before.

2. What problem did we solve for you?

Several problems were solved: you’ve added more structure to our pages, enhancing our customer’s online experience. You’ve also provided us with the ability to update a lot of content by ourselves.

3. What do you think makes Webarts different from other web design or digital agencies?

Their staff and their knowledge. Fair pricing.

4. What did you like most about our service?

Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to help, suggest ideas to solve issues and point out any possible drawbacks to our requests that we did not consider.

5. Please describe your overall experience with Webarts with a few words:


6. Would you recommend Webarts to others?


7. What didn’t you like regarding our services?

I’ve nothing to mention.