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Challenges Faced – Decisions Made

Euroblinds’ previous marketing activities were not involved in digital marketing. The company invested its efforts mainly on offline activities, without getting the desired results.

After having identified the need to proceed with an Inbound Marketing strategy, Euroblinds collaborated with Webarts, trusting us to help the company reach its goals.

Our main objectives included an increased awareness and interest for their products, forging a relationship with their audience through the social media and educating them as to the benefits of shading systems while acquiring new leads and turning them into customers.

“Collaborating with Webarts has taken Euroblinds to another level.”


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Person: Kyriacos Nikolaides (CEO)

About Euroblinds:

Euroblinds is the leading brand in the shading industry ever since 1969. Unceasingly focused on the actual needs of their customers, they consistently strive to extend their services through fully integrated solutions for both indoor and outdoor space, offering handy and practical Systems of Shading and Energy Saving, Ideal Conditions for Winter/Summer, Pleasant Environment Aesthetics, and above all, Safety and Confidence.

Keeping pace with new trends and wishing to usher automation in all aspects of modern daily life, Euroblinds has incorporated automated solutions to its Internal and External shading systems – also known as HomeMotion.


The results


Increase Website Traffic


Increase in Social Media Engagement


Increase in New Monthly Leads


Samples of our work

How we helped

Inbound Strategy Development

The first stage in our collaboration was to evaluate the company’s current situation and ensure that we clearly understood its main challenges and goals. Through a complete Inbound Marketing Strategy which included competitor analysis, keyword research, persona identification, content guidelines and goal set up, we have managed to create a plan that allowed us to follow and successfully realise all our future activities.

Website Optimization

After having identified all relevant keywords for Euroblinds, we managed to optimise the company’s website, making it both user-and SEO-friendly. Within the first months, the website has seen an increase in traffic of 440%.

Content Creation / Articles & Social Media Marketing

With previously minimum activity in social media, Euroblinds’ channels, like Facebook, had low reach and engagement with their audience. Webarts took charge of the brand’s content strategy, creating an effective social media plan following the brand’s guidelines. The aim was to showcase the company’s core products and values through engaging content. This resulted in 110% increase in engagement and 80% increase in total reach.Additionally, we introduced a blog on Euroblinds’ website, offering educational content and tips through weekly articles that drove 20% of the website’s traffic with over 8,000 sessions from social media.

Targeted Campaigns

Wanting to reach specific personas and promote certain products and services, we created separate campaigns to achieve that. The process included: Landing Pages with forms, automated email workflows, Facebook and Google Ads. This has also resulted in more than 3,000 new contacts on Euroblind’s email database.

Email Marketing

Through targeted email marketing, we sent regular newsletters with educational content to Euroblinds’ contacts. Additionally, all contacts expressing interest by filling out forms on landing pages were subsequently followed up by automated workflows, to move them closer to buyers’ journey decision.

Interview with the customer

Kiriakos Nicolaides

Kyriacos Nikolaides, CEO


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Our collaboration takes Euroblinds to another level!