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Challenges Faced – Decisions Made

Despite the fact that Imagine Villa Rentals’ overall bookings were on the rise, the main challenge they faced was the need to increase the percentage of bookings made directly through their website system or digital activities. Additionally, they aimed at improving their online communication with existing or potential customers, while promoting and attracting inquiries for their villas.  

“Excellent, well organized, quick responses”


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Person: Thanasis Athanasiou - Managing Director

About Imagine Villa Rentals:

Imagine Villa Rentals was established in 2010. The company’s shareholders are property developers that have built and sold over 600 holiday-homes across the island since 2007.

Today, Imagine Villa Rentals is among the most successful short-term rental providers, if not the leading one, in the Protaras and Ayia Napa region, and is currently branching out into Limassol, Central Paphos, Coral Bay and Polis.


The results


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Social Media Engagement


Increase in Monthly Leads


Increase in Bookings


Samples of our work

How we helped

Inbound Strategy Development

After understanding the client’s needs and objectives, we were able to develop a complete Inbound Marketing Strategy, with all the required stages that would facilitate the set goals achievement. This included an analysis of the personas and competitors, a keyword research, the discovery of content topics and categories for social media and blog articles and some suggested campaigns for the generation of more leads.

Website Optimization

The higher you rank, the more possibilities you have for new bookings. Having this in mind – and based on the keywords identified through our strategy - we managed to optimise the company’s website, making it both user-and SEO-friendly while increasing its ranking for all primary keywords.

Content Creation / Articles & Social Media Marketing

Having identified the core categories and direction of content, we have been able to create monthly plans for both social media and blog covering all aspects of the client’s objective to promote its products and services, in line with their core values. Through social media activities, Imagine Villa Rentals saw an impressive increase in engagement of 240%. Additionally, their blog section has been a core source of website traffic as new articles were added on a weekly basis. In fact, the article ‘’It is Official: Cyprus Has The 2nd Best Climate in The World!‘’ received more than 10000 shares, making it one of the most shared articles about Cyprus in 2017.

Targeted Campaigns

Aiming at promoting different rental projects, we have created specific campaigns with landing pages which ran on Facebook and Google and helped Imagine Villa Rentals increase its leads by 80%. At the same time, A/B tests helped us identify the best working ‘’combination formula’’.

Email Marketing

Through targeted email marketing, we sent regular newsletters with offers or blog articles to Imagine Villa Rentals’ contacts.  Additionally, all contacts expressing interest by filling out forms on landing pages were subsequently followed up by automated workflows, to move them closer to buyers’ journey decision.

Interview with the customer

Thanasis Athanasiou

Thanasis Athanasiou - Managing Director,


1. In what areas our services helped your business ?

Sales, Product/Service Promotion, Brand Awareness, Customer Satisfaction, Online Presence

2. What problems did we solve for you?

Low Lead Generation, Low Traffic, Low Brand Impact, No Digital Strategy

3. What did you like most about our service?

Quality, Delivery, Support, Strategy

4. Would you recommend Webarts to others?


5. Please describe your overall experience with Webarts in a few words:

Excellent, well organized, quick responses.