Webarts Service and challenge: Webarts service was to design and develop a new website for the company. The biggest challenge pertained to the best possible planning of the large amount of conferences and content that had to be shown on the website for the users. IMH provides a lot of publications and organizes more than 60 conferences and exhibitions every year that we had to exhibit live on the website. The overall goal was to increase the visibility of the events and provide users with a better way to browse them and register/pay online.

“Immediate response in case of emergency”

The results


Increase in Overall Traffic


Increase in User Engagement


Increase in New Visitors

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Contact Person: Kevi Chishios (Margeting Manager)

Company service:

IMH is the leading business knowledge and information transfer organization in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Its services include conferences and commercial exhibition organization, business media publishing and human resources consulting and training. Every year, IMH organizes over 60 conferences on a variety of business issues in Cyprus, Greece, the UK, the Czech Republic and Russia.


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Interview with the client

cust imh

Kevi Chishios

Marketing Manager

1. How did our service help your Business?

Our company uses the website in order to inform our clients about our upcoming events or magazines and portals.

2. What problem did we solve for you?

Renovation of our website from scratch.

3. What do you think makes Webarts different from other web design or digital agencies?

The quality of your support services.

4. What did you like most about our service?

Immediate response in case of emergency.

5. Please describe your overall experience with Webarts in a few words:

Professionalism and satisfaction.

6. Would you recommend Webarts to others?


7. What you didn't like to our service?

Nothing to mention.