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Challenges Faced

Peletico goal was to establish a consistent and effective marketing strategy that will help the company keep their leading position in Market, promote new products and increase national influence to the consumers




Person: Christina Peleties

About Peletico:

Peletico Group of Companies was established in 1960. It manufactures high quality paints, varnishes, building materials and processes bentonite, perlite and other industrial minerals.It is the largest paint and building materials manufacturer in Cyprus and exceeds in total 100 employees.

The Group presently consists of the following companies:


The results


Increase in Social Engagements


Increase in Traffic


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in lead generation


Samples of our work

How we Helped

Digital Strategy

After executing research, we were able to develop a new online strategy for the company, mainly focused on social media activities, content, campaigns which included persona identification, keyword and competitor analysis, preparation of the types of content to be used for the brand’s channels and blog.

New website

The company needed a new website that would be able to present the values, culture and products. It will also be used as a consistent content communication channels with the consumers.

Content Creation / Social Media Marketing

Following the brand’s guidelines and the strategy previously created by our team, we created a consistent monthly plan with the content that we will reach our audience.

Lead generation campaigns

Based on Inbound Marketing tactics our team created online campaigns to generate new leads for the company, including the design of Landing Pages, Google and Facebook Ads, Blog Articles and Newsletters targeting our personas.