HitTail SEO Tool - Meet your long tail keywords

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25 October 2013,


HitTail SEO Tool - Meet your long tail keywords

SEO strategies and statistics tools have evolved a great deal over past few years. With a vast pool of blog posts and articles on every topic, users have plenty of options to choose from. One of the best ways to get more traffic on your posts blog articles is to use targeted keywords. But figuring the right keywords is another crucial task. Many of you might not know which keywords can bring your post article at the top in search results with the maximum traffic. But what if there was a tool to help you with the keyword suggestions based on your existing data?

HitTail is an innovative SEO Keyword tool which suggests you long tail and comprehensive keywords according to new SEO strategies. You can then use these keywords by creating new content for your website in order to increase you traffic

How HitTail does it?

HitTail works by giving you a piece of tracking code to put on your website. The code works quietly in the background and records search hits and keyword information. HitTail analyzes these phrases through our algorithm to give you suggested topics based on the underperforming keywords that you can use to improve your results in search engines. By using the suggestions in new website content, blog posts, or PPC campaigns you can cost effectively improve your search results to attract qualified visitors to your site. HitTail does not direct anyone to your website. By using the suggestions received from HitTail you can increase your own organic search results.

The procedure may sound difficult to you, but from user point of view, HitTail makes the generation of SEO keywords simpler for you than ever. So you don't have to worry about what algorithm HitTail follows, just enjoy the end result. 


Once installed, HitTail assists you through the entire process of maintaining site information and using targeted keywords. The feature of HitTail to keep a record of previous keywords and traffic statistics makes it a smart tool to automatically generate such keywords which have good hit rate.

A downside of this tool is essential need of frequent visits. You have to visit the site regularly and very frequently to keep a track of statistics and follow any changes. The effectiveness of keywords depends on the number of times you visit. However, this helps you in figuring out quickly that what kind of keywords are working best for your page.

Theis tool is easy to use and it allows you to analyze the real-time traffic statistics on your page. Real time monitoring system makes HitTail more efficient than any other similar SEO tools.

HitTail generates long tail keywords. Long keywords have better focus and they can target the research strategies in a more comprehensive way than short keywords.

The only limitation I found of the tool is it offers a less efficient filtering system. But you can import export the results to an excel sheet and customize the sorting and filtering of results.

Dashboard Management

The dashboard has a simple design and you can easily use the tool even if you have never used a SEO tool before. The most promising feature of HitTail is visibility. Users can easily view traffic rate, top ten keywords and hot ratio in correspondence with every keyword. You can view next keyword suggestions, based on the top keywords. HitTail also offers you to order articles for generated keywords or you can opt for writing content yourself.


There are four plans available for Hitail; Personal plan and Pro plan, Business plan and Agency. Personal plan allows up to 4,000 visits per month at $9.95/month.

Pro Plan allows up to 10,000 visits per month at $19.95/month along with few additional offers. You can order an article for generated keywords at $19. All you have to do is to choose keywords from the suggestion list and place the order. You will get a 400 word article via email within few days. If you think that $19/article makes the offer very costly then you can simple go with the monthly plan and don't avail any extra services.

You can also subscribe for email alerts to keep a track of new offers and other services; the Pro plan monthly package also facilitates you with the ease of importing your data to Excel.

Package offers are very flexible. If cost effectiveness is your preference then Personal plan would suit you better, but if you want to get extraordinarily good results then subscribe to Post plan.

Trial Period

As a new user, you can sign up for free trial period of 21 days. 21 days are more than enough to analyze the effectiveness of HitTail. If you don't like the services, you can cancel your membership. It is a good deal and you will need less than a week to decide about using HitTail. So why not try it see how it works for you? If you still thinking about it just check a few more reasons why to use Hitail here