Organic SEO - How To Earn Your Stripes

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21 January 2014,


Organic SEO - How To Earn Your Stripes

Ask the SEO outsourcing company pros from anywhere in the world what matters most to a successful campaign and they will tell you it’s pure and simple hard work. Faking it just isn’t an option these days as delivering a truckload of what Google is looking for right to its door will only earn you a spot on the firm’s brown-nosing black-list.

The reason being that if you’re targeting Google, you’re not targeting your readers or customers properly. It could be as simple as that really.

This why going into 2014 you need more than ever before to revisit what it is that makes your site great in the first place – i.e. its content. With poor content your site is effectively less useful to you than no site at all, but this of course leads to the question as to how to balance a purely reader-driven site and one that actually works well in SEO stakes?

Indeed, earning your stripes the honest way isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible. Here are a couple of practical tips from the SEO pros that are guaranteed to make a difference to your marketing campaign:

Compelling and Engaging Content

Right off the bat, if you want people to believe in what you have to say and also want your peers to link to your site, you need to make what you have to say genuinely compelling and engaging. Repeat what others are saying and you’re surely going to bore your readers to death and lose them for life or copy the ideas of others and you’ll be branded a fake. Earning favor organically means putting the time and effort necessary into making your site worth reading in the first place. Being unique is not an easy task but is nonetheless one that deserves pursuing.


One trait you should always bear in mind with everything you create is whether or not it is shareable. It could be factually accurate or to some extent unique, but does this mean anyone will want to share it with others? Sharable content is content that others will link to naturally because they want to – there’s a huge difference when it comes to sharable content and this is precisely what you should be looking for every time.

Give and Take

Organic SEO can very much be a game of give and take. This doesn’t necessarily mean you giving cash to an SEO outsourcing company and taking home an SEO package either – you can help those in and around your industry just as they can help you. So, why not get in touch and see if you can exchange a backlink here, a guest post there and pretty much anything the two of you could get out of each other? Sure they might be your competition, but you could both gain just as much as one another. It’s an approach worth considering and going after.


And finally, don’t ever expect even the best content you’ve ever come up with in your life to be magically stumbled upon by thousands of readers…it won’t be. There’s just too much on the web out there for anyone to be found accidentally, which in turn means you yourself have to get your name out in the wild. How can you possibly do that? From guest blogging to forum membership to social media and so much more besides, you need to self-promote yourself and your brand to the nth degree in order to begin building the following your site’s content will solidify and retain. Being consistent and making the effort to listen and engage your audience is a time-consuming process but also the only way to success in the online business world.