10 Activities that will cause your Facebook Page to be Forgotten

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29 September 2012,

Social Media

10 Activities that will cause your Facebook Page to be Forgotten

"I do Like you but I don't want to talk about it"

How do you feel when you work hard to get Facebook fans but then only a few stay loyal to read your updates? Not good I suppose.

Many Facebook pages in Cyprus rise up with huge potential to get a lot of attraction, Likes and Social buzz, but not all can retain a stable increase and dynamic presence. How many pages can keep their fans loyal to them over the time?

Below is a list of 10 activities that you should NOT do at your Facebook page in order to not be forgotten, lose your fans loyalty and interest:

1. Launch a competition to get a few hundreds of Likes and then stop doing any activity on your page

2. Post irrelevant content, to desperate get the attention of your audience (ex. funny images, videos, name days, articles from other websites)

3. Spend 5000 Eur to develop an app that will be used for some days and then everyone will forget about it

4. Post on your timeline once every month in random hours

5. Never respond to your fans comments

6. Spend your budget on Facebook Ads without having something valuable to offer on your fans

7. Focus on people that will only "Like you" in order to win something and not because they love your product

8. Post exciting things about your company that nobody else care about

9. Pay someone to post on your behalf

10. When you don't have anything to post, just post something that you already did a few days ago

Bonus NOT: Use only iphones for gifts, android phones have ONLY 64% of share on Worldwide Sales in 2012


If you have in mind more "NOT dos for your Facebook page" just post them on the comment section below and share them with us