Does your Business Need Facebook in 2013?

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10 November 2012,

Social Media

Does your Business Need Facebook in 2013?

With approximately one billion global users and numerous multi-purpose applications, Facebook has emerged as a key business marketing tool during the last few years. This is despite its origins as a social network, which allowed individuals from around the world to interact remotely and in real time.

While many may still venerate the flexibility of Facebook and its capacity to connect businesses with an instantly accessible global audience, however, the co-existence of commercial and personal networks within a single online space has been far from harmonious,. This may yet undermine the longer term aspirations of social media's market leader, especially as competition intensifies among alternative resources.

A Clash of Cultures: Will Facebook Reach its Saturation Point?

With an estimated one in seven global citizens now registered as a Facebook user, it would be wrong to even suggest that the firm was moribund. It importance a purposeful business tool is certainly becoming diluted, however, despite the fact that it continues to grow at a steady and relentless pace. With this in mind, it is well worth addressing whether your business genuinely needs Facebook as you enter 2013 and beyond, especially when you consider the following: 

  • The Growing Diversity of the Social Media Platform: While Facebook may remain the market leading social media resource, its own growth pales into insignificance when you compare it with the relatively new website Pinterest. Essentially an online, interactive picture board where brands can share their products or vision, it has seen an incredible 786% growth in site visits during the 12 months between September 2011 and September 2012. This not only reflects the intense competition between social media brands, but also offers some insight into the diversity of resources that are now available to users.
  • The Need for an Integrated Social Media Profile: While it is widely accepted knowledge that an integrated social media presence offers the most effective path towards business success, it has always been assumed that Facebook should form the foundation of your online profile. This is no longer necessarily the case; however, as product driven business in particular may be more inclined to combine the audio visual tools of resources such as YouTube and Pinterest alongside the succinct marketing tools offered by Twitter. Facebook could therefore become a non-essential resource for certain businesses, which would have been unthinkable back in 2010.
  • The Shelf Life of Facebook as Dual Networking Resource: With more than one billion global users, it is highly unlikely that Facebook will continue to grow at its present rate. In addition to this, there are also concerns that it may even diminish in popularity as he clash between personal and business users become more noticeable. This is especially relevant in terms of user's relationship with their employers on the site, as an overwhelming business presence may force those with personal networking interests to join other sites in a bid to express themselves freely. Subsequently Facebook's user base would gradually diminish, meaning that it was instantly less effective as a core marketing resource.

The Bottom Line

It can sometimes be hard to draw a distinction between Facebook and social media, but the fact remains that the former is just a single resource within a vast and constantly evolving industry. It is therefore no longer true to suggest that Facebook is automatically invaluable to your business, as this depends very much on both your own firm's orientation and the way in which social media's leading player copes with the changing landscape in years to come.