How Businesses Are Using Facebook Timeline

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18 August 2012,

Social Media

How Businesses Are Using Facebook Timeline

Just a few short months ago, many Facebook users viewed the new Timeline with suspicion and apprehension. When Facebook first began rolling out the redesigned template for both personal profiles and business pages, many user complaints rolled right out with it. But, since the platform went live, many users have changed their tune. They're now beginning to appreciate Timeline's advantages.

Facebook Timeline has turned out to be a real boon to business owners who are looking for greater freedom and versatility in the ways they reflect their brand identities, and many are enjoying the added features that make it easier than ever for them to make their companies stand out.

Here are a few ways you can emulate the businesses that are using Facebook Timeline in ways that get attention:

Wax Creative with Your Cover Photo

Many businesses are using their Facebook cover photos in innovative ways that aren't just making a splash with their followers; they're also giving these companies some real marketing leverage. Some have integrated their profile picture with their cover photo in incredibly clever, artistic, and sometimes even humorous, ways. Others have involved their fans in the creative process, letting them submit images, vote on them, and decide which one gets displayed. Still others have used this premium Facebook real estate to hold contests, thank their fans, and announce upcoming events, such as conferences and trade shows. The clever things that you can do with your cover photo are truly only limited by your imagination!

Make History with Major Milestones

Companies that have been around for a while and have some history behind them can make the best use of milestones which allow them to travel back in time to post photos and stories of significant events, early product versions, advertisements, and other developments the business has experienced through the years. Each milestone posts to the proper place in the timeline for the date it represents. Some businesses have really played up this feature, posting nostalgic photos of their companies' and their products' evolution. Even if your business is younger, you can still use milestones in creative ways, demonstrating your company's accomplishments, new product releases, contributions to the community, and other interesting happenings that will soon be part of your history.

Make Full Use of Tabs/Apps

Many companies are leveraging Facebook apps for branding, offering contests, selling products, announcing webinars, and directing fans to their website, blog, or other social media profiles. By adding custom thumbnails to third-party apps , businesses can use branding to their companies' advantage. The first app is the Photos app and is one of the four that are always on display in Timeline. The remaining three of these four are even more important for your branding efforts than the other eight allowed apps, since they are visible to anyone who visits your page. Make the most of them. In Timeline, apps can serve as "landing pages" for your products and other offerings, so consider using them as strategically as you would any landing page on your website.

Use Your "About" Section for Marketing

Some of today's companies are thinking outside the box when they complete their "About" sections in Timeline. When you think about it, there's really no reason to limit yourself to a description of your company, brand, or product, along with a few lines of contact information. Why not offer customers a discount on your product and throw in a call to action for good measure? This is a creative—and potentially profitable—"About" section technique.

As you can see, business owners and marketers are using Facebook Timeline in a number of interesting and creative ways that are growing their fan-base, generating sales, and building brand recognition. What else could you ask of a social media fan page?