How to increase followers in social media

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28 August 2011,

Social Media

How to increase followers in social media

There are different kinds of social Medias that do exist today. The social media have been of greater help in today’s generation due to the interactivity that they provide to the current generation. One is able to get hold of greater followings in the social media which makes the core purpose to be better realized.  Whatsoever, the in the social media, there should be ways of making sure the following is kept up.

There are a number of ways that ensure that, one gets a greater following. It is of greater importance to make sure that the postings are of high quality. This will of course capture the attention of many and this will lead to many becoming followers. Apart from having very attractive postings, it is of greater importance to make the posting consistent. When the good posting is made consistent, many people will desire to be associated with the person doing the posting.  The posting should also be very active. This means that, if a person who is a follower has requested or has asked a question, it should be answered promptly. Another way of ensuring that, the following is great is to make sure that the several social networks have been leveraged. This for instance would mean that, if one has some posting on twitter, there should be away of promoting the facebook pageto the same followers who are on twitter. This would mean that, the followers are able to broadcast the intended message to a greater audience.

After having a good number of people following, it is good to ensure that, there is a way for them to leave comment and a like or share section. The number of followers may also increase from having a suggestion being made to those who could be familiar to you.  It is also good to invite all the email and ezine subscribers. This would mean that, all the people who could be connected to you in any way on the internet would become followers in the social media.

When possible, it is good to make a very attractive and compelling welcoming video. The video should be able to explain to the fans what the page is all about. It is also good to use some of the recent applications such as the one found on facebook. There is for instance, an application known as the vpype which normally adds a tab to your fan page called shows. If it is broadcasted as a fan page, it becomes a default viewer of the same.  It is also good to create a profile that is interesting to read and one that contains such keywords that are most sought after by many.  These features among many others should be able to help capture a greater following in the social media today.