Top 7 Ways To Get More Likes In Facebook

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01 December 2013,

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Top 7 Ways To Get More Likes In Facebook

Facebook marketing is an important activity that small businesses need to implement in their marketing strategy to acquire new customers. The opportunity for a business to market to their potential customer demographic at a price much more affordable than traditional media makes this method very desirable. A lot of people have jumped onto Facebook and created their Facebook business page but are having difficulty in getting people to even notice that they are online. We will be providing some Facebook marketing tactics that you can do to get new likes to your fan page.

Requires hard work. There is no short cut to in getting likes in building an online community who would be interested in your topic. This is going to be one of the toughest activities that you are going to do on a social media website but the rewards will be worth it. You would have the opportunity to build relationship with people who like your page for as long as they like you.

 Have a Facebook marketing strategy. You need to develop a strategy in how you are going to acquire new customers. There are many real world examples of businesses implementing their marketing activities without establishing a strategy to work against. You must have a well thought out plan. There are many templates on the web that you could use as a good starting point in building your plan. You will be surprised in how organized your marketing activities will be when you have a plan.

Have an attractive Facebook cover photo. In the real world, beauty will get a second look. This example applies to Facebook too. You need to have a professional, attractive cover photo which will represent your brand. The cover photo size has to be 815 pixels wide X 315 pixels tall. This is the optimal size for the cover photo.

Facebook Ads. Facebook advertising is amazing. You have an advertising platform that is easy to use and allows you to drill down to the demographic which represents your buyer personas. You can grow your likes to your page each day. The minimum is $5 dollars per day. You can turn off and start your ads at any time. There are books just dedicated to optimizing Facebook advertising. If you have the resources to allocate to advertising then it is highly suggested that you do your research and look into this option. This is a great way to build an online community of people who would be interested in what you are selling.

Content, content, content. Some businesses make the mistake earlier on to post just about their business. They are constantly selling themselves to the public. Little do they realize that people will eventually want to tune them out and unlike their business page. Having someone unlike your page does not do you justice for you in getting your post displayed in more news feeds. This is where the Facebook algorithm edge rank comes in. Edgerank is Facebooks algorithm in determining which post is high quality and worthy of showing up in a person’s news feed. An unlike is a negative signal to Edge rank. The key is to have content which will add value to your online community.

Do not be all business. People go onto Facebook to talk with their friends and to have fun. They play games, look at pictures, share their check-ins, and more. The last thing that they want to do is talk business. Facebook after all is not LinkedIn. Make your content, your tone, messaging friendly and relatable. You need to be help people understand the type of service that you do but in a way which is fun. This is a challenge that lot of people have but when they find the balance then it smooth sailing going forward.

Learn from Insights. Facebook has really invested a lot of money into updating their insights. There is a wealth of information to help you measure your Facebook activities and adjust your strategy in getting more engagement from your community.

Facebook is a dominant force on the web. Small business would be at a disadvantage if they did not add Facebook marketing to their strategy. We suggest that you keep doing research on the web and like pages from Facebook industry experts to learn how you can get more likes and better engagement from your community.

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By Ricky Singh, MBA