Social Monitoring

A technologically advanced process for Real time monitoring of your brand reputation on the Web.

Never miss mentions of your brand or any keywords of interest from any source, including social media, news sites, forums, blogs, video sites, etc. Understand your audience, monitor your competitors, and make important decisions. Powered by Talkwalker Technology

Why do I need reputation and crisis management for my Brand?

Your customers have a voice, which is easily accessible by all online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other websites. This voice, which might be neutral, positive or negative in nature, will define your online reputation.

Having a social monitoring plan will help you understand what people say about you, so you can use  communication to manage any crisis through online channels.

Why I need this now?

There are 2 main reasons: The first reason is that social media data and consumer voice are now more powerful and influential than ever, with the power to cause real value or damage to your business.

The second reason is that now this technology is even affordable to small and medium sized businesses, whereas, just a few years ago, only large enterprises could afford to use such technologies.

What are the benefits for your business?

Understanding what people say about you.
Engage with your customers.
Never miss a brand mention.
Identify your influencers.

Understanding what people are saying about you

When people are talking about your brand on Twitter or Instagram you will be informed about it. This will help you get a vibe for what people are saying about you.

Engage with your customers.

Being able to find conversations that are not on your own channels will help you engage and start conversations with people that would have previously been overlooked.

Never miss a brand mention.

Get an instant alert when a news site, or an Instagram influencer has mentioned your brand in a post and act accordingly.

Identify your influencers.

Find out who the people are who engage most with your brand (these are your brand ambassadors). You can also discover who is being negative about your business.

Make important decisions for your business.
Spy your competitors​
Improve your customer support and care.
Quick Search of Historical Data​

Make important decisions for your business

Social monitoring can help your business understand what are the main problems of your business or what are the most engaging products.

Spy your competitors

Understand what your competitors or the fans of your competitors do online.

Improve your customer support and care.

Being able to identify your customers problems online is a huge positive point for your productivity and reputation

Quick Search of Historical Data

  • Historic results of 12 months
  • Comparison between brands
  • Predict Viral content
  • Extensive coverage in social networks, news and website
  • Engagement metrics and Sentiment

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