In Webarts, Web Design is more than just a basic creative activity. We go deep into understanding your Business' values and processes, to provide you with the best solution that will eventually fulfill your business goals.

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Our approach is a result of an extensive knowledge and experience in UX design, Coding and marketing. We believe that your website should be your company's representative in the Web and at the same time an effective lead generation tool. That's why we see Web Design as part of the overall Strategy of your company and not just an application.

The final result will always be over and above your demands and expectations.

Check our extended process below to see how we work with every project.

Phase 1 - Research and Analysis

Before starting any project we take time to understand your business goals and needs. We discuss with the client and explore a checklist of all the necessary elements of your business, as well as industry competitors and customers. It is essential for us to understand all the requirements and business scope, in order to make the correct decisions towards developing the best User Interface and features.

Phase 2 - Planning

We plan the development process for every element, module and feature of the website and setup timeframes, milestones and tasks for all the aspects that will follow. Planning is important for both us and the customer, i as he or she also needs to have a complete scope of the project.

Phase 3 - Design and User Interface

In Design phase we will first draw the mockups with the basic layout of the home page and various inner pages. Then we will design the complete website look and feel, taking into account the User Experience, modules, "call to actions" and every other element of the website. The prototype screens will be shown and presented to the client with all the needed explanations of the work and the scope. After receiving feedback from the client and the users we will proceed to any necessary redesigns and tweaks.

Phase 4 - Development

In Development phase we will implement and apply in code everything that have been discussed and decided in the previous phases. It’s the development of the actual website on the Joomla CMS; of all pages, modules and features. The client will be able to observe live every element and functionality of the website and give feedback for minor tweaks. This is the most important and long phase, as we have to apply everything that was prepared on the previous phases. When developing the website we are taking into account all the features, design elements, performance optimizations and security.

Phase 5 - Content

This is the phase where content will be added to the website. Content may be text, images, maps and any other elements. Content can also be added by the customers after the training sessions.

Phase 6 - Testing and Delivery

In Testing and Delivery we will go through all the modules and functions of the website in order to confirm their impeccable functioning. We will also run case studies with real users to calculate the performance and effectiveness. Then the website will be delivered to the client and launched.

Phase 7 - Digital Marketing

This phase is optional but is highly recommended if the client wishes a successful web presence. Digital Marketing involves hundreds of tasks and techniques that will create a long run success to the website, increasing visitors, business image, marketing, branding and sales conversions for your company.

Phase 8 - Maintenance and Support

The maintenance plan will be discussed based on the website needs of the client in the long run. We are taking care of the hosting, backup and all technical monitoring of the website. We will guarantee that the client's website is always up and running without problems. Additionally, we will be available for any support requests needed.