Case Study

#Youth Board’s members increased by 220% within 3 months


The Youth Board of Cyprus is an organization that offers young people multiple opportunities for active participation in social activities in Cyprus and abroad. Webarts was called in to help with the promotion of their member card to youths in Cyprus. To achieve this, we created a campaign with a landing page to increase new leads and raise interest in registering for the card.


Campaign Development

Coordination & Execution

Content Production

Web design / Development

Lead Generation Tactics

What We Achieved


Increase In Member Registration







Digital Strategy

We developed a strategy in which we identified personas, defined their characteristics and set out an action plan to achieve our goals. We also tracked down influencers to associate them with the product.

Social Media Marketing

We created a consistent monthly plan consisting of content which was based on life aspects the potential customers value. This was done in order to better trigger their interest.

Lead Generation Campaigns

Based on Inbound Marketing tactics, our team created online campaigns, more specifically google & social media ones. These actions we took led to an increase in awareness, leads and engagement from our consumers.

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