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Our Story

Our story began in 2008 when 2 different minds decided to re-discover the Digital world in Cyprus. Andreas and Pantelis initiate a plan to fit 3 extremely different elements (that time) together, Marketing, Technology and Content. This combination would mark the beginning of a Digital Marketing Era in Cyprus and will expand Webarts into the abroad markets with an experts team of 23+ people.

Webarts is a one stop digital solutions provider, offering social media marketing, content creation, paid advertising, SEO, video production and web design services. We also offer e-commerce solutions integrated with ERP, like SAP.

The foundation of our success starts with our commitment and our responsibility to deliver high quality services resulting in measurable growth for our partners.

Meet The Team

20 players, one heartbeat!

Pantelis Vladimirou

CEO & Co-Founder

Andreas Yiafas

Director & Co-Founder

Alexis Eleftheriades

Senior Web Designer

Nemanja Radevic

Support Executive

Arestis Aresti

Content Creator

Christos Christou

Performance Team Lead

Victor Drenea

Web Team Lead

Maria Polydorou

Design Team Coordinator

Ioanna Kyprianou

Performance Executive

Nana Demetriadou

Senior Web Developer

Maria Michael

Office Administrator

Antria Zevedeou

Account Executive

Lefteris Christou

Performance Executive

Konstantinos Markou

Support Executive

Nataly Petrou

Account Executive

Stavri Christou

Digital Designer

Christothea Antwniou

Digital Marketing Executive

Rafaella Aristodemou

Junior Digital Designer

Orestis Lefkatis

Account Executive

Georgiana Ioannou

Digital Marketing Executive

Our Values
Everyone working at Webarts, while unique and irreplaceable, is governed by the following 5 values:
Being honest and upholding firm moral principles.
Being enthusiastic about our work and striving to succeed our goals.
Delivering high-quality work while constantly evolving.
Helping colleagues and working efficiently as part of a team.
Expressing interest about each other and our clients' needs.

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