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Camel Active


Camel Active, a leading fashion brand, chose and trusted our team to create and execute their 2020 onwards Digital & Social Media Strategy, in order to explore, analyse and propose appropriate online communication tactics to effectively connect with its target audience.


Digital Strategy

Social Media Management

Photo & Video Production

Ads & Performance Management & Reporting

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Digital Strategy

Defining the Digital Strategy for Camel Active included setting goals and communication objectives, identifying personas, determining the most suitable communication channels for the brand to be active, distributing content in various pillars based on our audience interests, creating a brand-new fresh and cool creative approach, consisting exclusively of unique real- life visuals and concept campaigns.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Social Media Channels used are Facebook, Instagram and Google. Having determined what types of content we should publish and how often, we took action and worked on social media consistently, creating a scheduled monthly calendar, sharing unique promotional, lifestyle, cultural content that stands out on each platform, including videos, stories, albums, etc


Our performance executives were in charge of managing the ads on Social Media & Google for Camel Active in order to increase purchases and reach the set goals of our client. Using technology that could help us track the daily progress of our KPIs, we were able to set and measure progress towards our goals, share reports with the team and the client, get notifications when certain metrics were on or off, and much more. This helped us to timely proceed with any adjustments and optimizations that were needed for getting closer to our goals. Monthly reports were created, analysing our results while extracting important conclusions on the progress, figuring out whether our marketing methods are working, and how we may improve them

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