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In 1967, Photos Photiades Brewery was granted the license to produce Carlsberg beer in Cyprus, which made Cyprus the first country to produce Carlsberg outside Denmark. This leading beer brand and…probably the best in the world, chose and trusted our team to create and execute their 2021-2022 Digital & Social Media Strategy, in order to explore, analyze and propose appropriate communication tactics to effectively connect with its target audience. 


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Digital Strategy Development

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Carlsberg is a brand that is always striving to make better beer and build a better future. Based on this, our first action was to evaluate the brand’s current situation through deep and detailed research, in order to understand the brand’s desired target audience, main challenges, and goals for 2021-2022. Our Online Digital Strategy was built on Inbound Marketing philosophy, calling for a type of digital communication which believes that every piece of content created should have meaning and purpose, reflecting the brand’s truth and values. That’s why, after detailed Strategic Direction setting goals, persona identification, and communicational objectives, we’ve moved forward to determine the most suitable communication channels for the brand to be active, content pillars based on our audience interests, as well a brand-new fresh and cool creative approach, consisting exclusively of unique real-life visuals.   

Campaign Development

A clear strategy and thorough plan should be the foundation of every marketing effort, if it is to have a fighting chance of becoming successful. Carlsberg is a brand that not only cares about its audience’s needs and wants, but also supports them through tangible activities. That’s why we’ve developed communicational campaigns with the aim of interacting and engaging our target audience with the brand. From Carlsberg 0.0 launching campaign, to Cheers to Football, e-stories tis Pareas and Liverpool “Are you 100% RED?”, everything worked in juxtaposition with the monthly calendars, in order to achieve consistency and a unified communication. Here are some details of each one of these successful campaigns:  

Launching of Carlsberg 0.0:

Drinking beer is part of a greater experience that should be lived & enjoyed at any time, so we’ve designed a digital campaign with tailored actions and the main goal of introducing Carlsberg 0.0 to the market and increase awareness of a great product that fits the current lifestyle of our audience. From Social Media Content, to YouTube Ads and influencers management, we’ve raised awareness that beer moments with Carlsberg 0.0 are now limitless and…better.  

Cheers To Football

A campaign aiming to follow Carlsberg Global communication message “Cheers to Football this Summer”, with the main goal of promoting Carlsberg and relate it to Football & Summer, while increasing user engagement through creative and authentic content, including local elements. With a series of interactive competitions and, as main protagonists, people directly related to football and our main target audience, we’ve managed to spread the message that Carlsberg beer will always be the greatest mate to a football fan, especially during summer nights and big global football events.  

E-stories tis Pareas

Stories shared with our best buddies will always brighten our days just at a glimpse of a thought…and that was our vision as the end result of our summer campaign, “E-stories tis Pareas”.  

The main idea? The development of an interactive adventure following 3 groups of friends while exploring Cyprus and completing different challenges in order to win special prizes. But was that enough?  

In order to create an even more unforgettable experience to our audience, and to engage further with them during their excursions, we’ve managed to have with us one of the hottest and well-known persons to our audience, Vasilis Charalambous. Charalambous is a famous, authentic and lovable actor, who took on the role of the campaign’s ambassador, acting as the personal driver of each group of friends for the three excursions presented by Carlsberg Cyprus. 

But let’s take it from the start: In order to achieve all of our goals, proper planning was the fundamental requirement to everything. That’s why we separated the campaign in three different phases with specific timeframes for each one.  

Phase One (1) was of course intended to create buzz for the new campaign and invite our audience to visit a specific landing page uniquely designed for this purpose and register their group of friends in order to take place in the competition and have the chance to be one of the three lucky groups that would be finally selected.  

The participations were more than expected, and the selection of the final three groups that would finally take part in the excursions was a really challenging task!  

As soon as we selected the final teams, we moved on to Phase two (2) and, of course, to the fun part – EXCURSION DAYS: Go on the journey with our three groups and create an unforgettable full day experience for them. Of course, the production crew was following the teams every step of the way and captured each unforgettable moment!

And what would this amazing experience have been if we hadn’t presented the final result to the world? On Phase three (3,) the final goal was to create buzz by showcasing the story of each group on Carlsberg’s social media channels. Posts, videos, stories and other content formats were created in order to maximize our reach and spread our messages.  

By the end of this campaign, we’ve managed to speak to our audience’s hearts and accomplished to build an emotional connection with them while sharing Carlsberg’s values & remaining aligned to our primary objectives!  

We couldn’t be prouder of this campaign and we totally loved each step of the way from the bottom of our hearts!  

Liverpool “Are you 100% RED?”:

Liverpool FC & Carlsberg: Side by side since 1992. And if you didn’t know, that’s the longest standing partnership in the Premier League. Having this in mind and due to the start of the new football season, our team was asked to develop a long-lasting campaign (from August 2021 until May 2022). Our main goal was to generate an online buzz on Carlsberg’s social media platforms, while promoting the brand as the official partner of Liverpool FC, connecting with Liverpool fans and creating a better football match experience for them. With the main shaft the question “How much of a ‘Liverpool Fan’ do you consider yourself to be?”, we’ve developed an on-going campaign with 10 interactive competitions, asking fans to participate and answer challenging questions related to Liverpool’s history in order to prove that they are 100% Red and dedicated fans!  

Social Media Management

A vital aspect of executing a successful digital strategy is of course the utilization of social media platforms for your brand, in order to achieve the desired results.  

And that’s what we did for Carlsberg Cyprus!  

Social media acted as the main medium for promoting Carlsberg and emotionally connecting and engaging with our target audience, using various tactics, content formats, and pillars. By analyzing our target audience, there was no doubt that the ideal social media platforms to be used for the brand were Facebook & Instagram.  

Having determined what types of content we should publish and how often, we took action and worked on social media consistently, creating a scheduled monthly calendar, sharing unique content that stands out on each platform, including videos, stories, albums, etc.

Content Production

Content is the king! That’s why well-crafted and original content played a crucial role in our strategy for Carlsberg!  

However, our challenge was to make sure that our material is current, relevant, fresh and original, in order to build trust, and also to increase the brand’s visibility, engagement, and reactions of the desired target audience.  

All that it takes is a team of professionals to schedule the greatest photoshoots and videoshoots in order to capture the perfect shots that would lead the brand to achieve its initial goals.  

Our team has completed so far seven (7) full day & half day productions for Carlsberg Cyprus, with the purpose of capturing authentic content either for our ongoing monthly calendars or for our uniquely designed campaigns!  

Ηiring professional models, identifying the ideal locations, obtaining the most suitable props, and of course creating well-structured scripts and moodboards, were only part of the process, and we enjoyed every minute of it until the end-result!  

Influencer Management

Well, utilizing social Influencers can be beneficial for a brand, since, if an Influencer shares a high level of trust with his/her followers, their recommendations can act as a sort of social proof for a brand’s potential customers.  

In order to create a bigger online buzz and spread our messages about Carlsberg 0.0, we collaborated with 10 micro-influencers that matched certain criteria and were relevant to the Alcohol-Free Beer philosophy, in order to support our launching campaign while collecting authentic user generated content.  


There is strength in numbers, and we can’t deny it!  

Our performance executives were in charge of managing the ads on Social Media & Google for Carlsberg Cyprus in order to devise effective strategies that would help to reach our campaigns goals. 

Using technology that could help us track the daily progress of our KPIs, we were able to set and measure progress towards our goals, share reports with the team and the customer, get notifications when certain metrics were on or off, and much more. This helped us to timely proceed with any adjustments and optimizations that were needed for getting closer to our initial goals.  

Monthly reports were created, analyzing campaign results while extracting important conclusions on the progress, figuring out whether our marketing methods are working, and how we may improve them.  

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