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Social Media is one of the most important elements of Inbound Marketing and maybe the most popular digital marketing channel in Cyprus. It is well known that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and dozens of other Social Networks growth have changed forever the Online Marketing approach, establishing a new communication channel between Customers and Brands all over the world. 

Webarts currently working with 50+ Brands and organizations in Cyprus to deliver on a monthly basis their Social media strategy, plan, content and advertising. Our goal is not only to delivery fantastic creative but measurable results.

Social Media marketing though is not only about the channels and tools but more likely the activities we choose and the way we approach and engage with our audience. The engagement process and the way users now interact with their favorite brands and products have changed forever our marketing process. It is not enough to have a website, to post about your brand and to have a Facebook page with 1000 likes.

Your customers and fans are now expecting much more, such as two-way communication, real time engagement, interesting content and an ongoing interaction to keep the loyal ones. Most of the companies using Social Media in Cyprus, benefit by many ways but most importantly they build a long term and loyal relationship with their customer which is priceless. 

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Our Social Media Marketing service includes a lot of activities that must be implemented considering your Brand’s overall Digital Marketing Strategy:

1. Social Media Development

Develop a Hub between your Brand, the Website and the Social Media. Engage with your customers and get found by people looking for your products or services.

2. Social Media Management

Management of your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media accounts dynamically, engaging with the users.

3. Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring in Social Media is essential in order to know anytime and anywhere, who is talking about your brand and services 

4. Social Media Reporting

Everything in Internet Marketing is measurable, so reporting is important for decision makers and managers

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